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Cybertech Latin America is scheduled to take place in Panama on March 13th and 14th, 2024

This major global event will showcase cutting-edge cyber technologies and reveal the newest advancements in the field 

Panama views the Israeli market as a key arena for fostering collaborations and investments in technology, economics, and exports, pivotal for enhancing the country’s standing in international markets

A significant advancement in the commercial and economic partnership between Israel and Panama is the upcoming Cybertech Latin America event set to take place on March 13 and 14, 2024, in Panama City. 

This event serves as a valuable opportunity to bolster and cultivate trade and economic relations between the two nations. Panama is keen on establishing itself as a sustainable investment hub and is actively pursuing greater collaboration with Israel in technological and economic spheres.

Established in 2017, Cybertech Latin America serves as a pivotal platform bridging the worlds of cybersecurity, innovation, and business throughout the Latin American region. With the esteemed partnership of the Israeli Embassy in Panama, the event boasts attendance from global corporations, dynamic startups, as well as key figures from industry and government sectors. This conference offers a distinctive amalgamation of technology, industry insights, governmental perspectives, and academic expertise. By hosting this international conference, Panama reaffirms its strategic position as a significant player in the cyber landscape. Moreover, key players, in collaboration with the Panama Chamber of Telecommunications and Innovation, are actively engaged in propelling Panama towards becoming a prominent global hub for digital transformation, thereby shaping the future trajectory of technology.

The country’s objective with the conference is to foster economic partnerships with the State of Israel and to showcase Panama's extensive offerings to the Israeli market. This includes fostering collaborations with Israeli companies in sectors such as food technology, high-tech, trade, and pharmaceuticals. Panama is particularly keen on strengthening ties with Israel, renowned globally for its expertise in cybersecurity, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, agriculture, innovation, water management, renewable energy, and more. Enhancing cooperation between the two nations will mutually benefit their economies and elevate Panama's standing as an innovation leader and significant player in the global marketplace.



Global corporations, particularly those in the digital realm, are driven to invest in Panama due to a blend of factors: Panama's strategic geographical location and well-developed digital infrastructure; a business-friendly regulatory landscape; a skilled workforce; supportive governmental initiatives and incentives; Panama's status as a financial hub; access to regional markets facilitated by free trade agreements; all complemented by Panama's reputation for providing a high standard of living.


It is important to highlight that a free trade agreement between Israel and Panama was formalized in January 2020. This agreement facilitates preferential access for both parties in exporting products to each other's markets, fostering a conducive environment for trade and investment. This collaboration aims to bolster development and foster economic cooperation between the two nations.

Amir Rapaport, the visionary behind "Cybertech," emphasizes: "This conference plays a pivotal role in bolstering the economic, technological, and commercial connections between Panama and Israel.


Photo credit: PROPANAMA