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"The second edition of "Art on Screen"   16  exciting experiences  Tel Aviv Museum of Art  Between August 10-14
 A second season for the celebration of events Dance, musicals, music and art from around the world
 Projected on the big screen
Five days, 16 exciting experiences  At the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Between August 10-14- 2021
"Art on Screen"  16 movies  20 screenings  Five days
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Tuesday 10th August to Saturday 14th August

All films are translated into Hebrew

Ticket prices include entrance to the museum during gallery opening hours
Filmed shows

75 Price NIS
Movies: 50 NIS
Purchase tickets through the Eden Cinema website  www.edencinema.co.il
Or by phone * 6876
What can we see as part of the season?

Musicals: Three spectacular productions coming straight from London -
Kinky Boots
The musical, based on the British film, hit Broadway and was a huge success and won many Tony Awards. By Harvey Firstein, Cindy Laufer wrote and composed the songs. The production moved to London and was shown there with great success as well. The production from the Adelphi Theater will be screened as part of the festival. The story of a failed shoe factory manager, aided by a drag queen succeeds, and together these two opposites create a special line of boots, and mostly discover acceptance, understanding and friendship. A sweeping and exciting musical that takes us from the sleepy city of England to the runways of Milan's fashion shows. An evening of great fun and empowerment
The musical received 6 Tony Awards, including "Best Musical", 3 Olivier Awards
"Stunning, wonderfully cheeky and uplifting" Time Out
"The King and I"
The classic musical of Rogers and Hammerstein
The story of Anna the English teacher and her son Louis who come to the Kingdom of Siam, to teach the many wives and children of the King of Siam, who is trying to open his country to the West
Kelly O'Hara is re-enacting her Tony-winning role in a Broadway production, alongside Japanese Oscar-nominated Ken Watanby. Bertald Cher's glamorous production, favorite songs, memorable dance pieces, footage from the legendary Palladium Hall in London. The musical that will make you dance in a chair and get excited.

"42nd Street"
A stage adaptation of the classic film, which tells the behind-the-scenes of the world of theater, and the classic story of the choir dancer who gets the one-time opportunity, when the star breaks her leg

This is the biggest production of this musical, Tony Winner. With a variety of familiar songs and lots of sweeping tap dances and a breathtaking finale with dozens of participants that will fill the screen with the joy of dance. Photo from the Drori Lane Theater in London

Dance performances

"Red Shoes" - Matthew Bourne
Matthew Born who bought his world in his special adaptation of "Swan Lake" in which the prince fell in love with a male swan. Bourne adapted the famous film, about the girl who dreams of being the best dancer in the world, and created a spectacular, sweeping and breathtaking work. The work features Adam Cooper, a former royal ballet singer who was revealed in all his glory in the form of the swan in Bourne's Swan Lake. A special photo with an audience, a month before the closure in London, at Saddlers Wells Hall
"Swan Lake" - the Paris Opera House stood out

The production of Rudolf Noriev, who took Patifa's famous choreography and made changes to it in a brilliant production. In the production, he gave the role of the prince equal weight to the character of Odette / Odile. A production that gives music an emotional and profound meaning

"The Pirate - La Corsair" performed by soloists and dancers from the Mariinsky Opera House in St. Petersburg

One of the favorite classical dance pieces. A variety of oriental and erotic dances. Unforgettable brewery clips that will make you applaud enthusiastically even in front of the big screen

"Morris Bejart, The Dancing Soul"

A documentary about the great composer, from his childhood in Marseille to his way to the pinnacle of the dance world with the 20th century ballet in Brussels and a ballet by Bazar Lausanne at the end of his life

Opera and music
"Opera "Don Giovanni
The famous opera of Mozart and de la Punta is given a modern stage expression in the performance of the Lyon Opera House, in one of the most beautiful operas ever written, full of eroticism and excellent musical performance

 "Paolo Conte"

Many are familiar with the song It's Wonderful by Italian composer, writer and singer Paolo Conte. The song accompanies a familiar commercial, but Conte has a host of great songs and complex and important lyrics. A film that combines his performances, interviews with him and interviews with great Italian artists from various fields, such as Roberto Benini, Vinicio Caposella, Isabella Rossellini and more

Plastic art and architecture
"Farewell - Viva La Vida"

A new documentary that has not yet hit theaters, which tells the story of the beloved artist's life and brings an encounter with materials that have not yet been revealed, including her personal belongings. The film additionally revives some of her legendary paintings

"Klimt and Sheila - Amor and Psyche"

A film that traces the work of the two great Austrian artists, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, through archive footage and a visit to the marvelous museums in the city of Vienna.


A special film consisting of two parts: the first is the life story of the special artist, which raises important questions about the treatment of indigenous women and colonialism, and the second part is a guided and fascinating tour of Gauguin's special portrait exhibition at the National Gallery in London

"Eiffel Tower, a story of surprising gamble"

A film that follows Gustav Eiffel's struggle to build in Paris the special tower that changed the face of the city and became its most prominent icon

As well as documentaries about other artists including Picasso, Renoir and contemporary Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz Diaz

Purchase tickets through the Eden Cinema website: www.edencinema.co.il

Or by phone * 6876

Attention - Entrance will be allowed only to Green Passport holders!!!!
 Photo courtesy PR