A spectacular show took place at the Smolarz Auditorium at the Tel Aviv University in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the State o Israel. The event was hosted by Ambassador H.E Mr Kim II Soo, and wife Son Kim Moon Kyung.

The Show titled Cookin - Nanta, one of the most popular shows in Korea, is a non-verbal performance of a comical musical , where knives and other kitchen utensils are transformed into musical instruments in the hands of the performers.


Encouraged by the impressive reception of their project, both artists have decided to come back in the 2012
presenting "Dos Pajaros Contraatacan", a new adventure that puts up together two of the best
spanish music repertories in order to create a unique show.

Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Sabina, both famous international artists, will present in the Nokia Stadium
of Tel-Aviv, in Israel, their concert next Thursday, June 21 2012.

Dos Pajaros (Two birds), one rebellious and spoiled, the other one smooth, the two songwriters,
troubadours, love women and to whom they also sing, each with his romance with his songs of love
or heartbreak also they sing to life, and to things of life.


As construction of the innovative Baha'i House of Worship gets under way here, a new book and website have been launched to meet growing interest in the Temple and what it represents.

The publication, "Donde Brilla La Luz" ("Where the Light Shines"), aims to respond to questions about the Baha'i Faith and includes reflections on the impact that the House of Worship is intended to make on the society around it.

It has been written by Daniel Duhart from Chile, Helen Mirkovitch-Kohm of Costa Rica and Jairo Roldan from Colombia.

MonumentSomething special to do on Holocaust Remembrance Day:

Ever since the 1950's Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, KKL-JNF planted six million trees in memory of the Holocaust victims. The most famous monument in the forest is the "Scroll of Fire" two large bronze cylinders that represent the destruction and rebirth of Israel.  In the forest stands a memorial to Anne Frank, who perhaps more than anyone else, represents the horrors of the Holocaust for many people.

Mr Schlesinger and Embassadors

On March 3rd, we had the privilege to participate at a special concert organized at the Schlesinger house.

Samuel Schlesinger comes from a family of musicians since the 19th century. His love for music is obvious. The evening held in his house in Savion was the testimony of this passion and he is very keen in doing receptions to artistic events. Ambassadors from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia participated at this special event. Journalists from different countries, VIP’s and businessmen were part of the selected group invited. Samuel Schlesinger is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia and he is always ready to organize events inviting persons from the region of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Kossovo, Macedonia.