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The Ministry of Finance Completes a 10.5-Year Overseas Bond Issue
for a Total of $1.5 Billion at a Yield of 4.115%

European Union Delegation is visiting the Ministry of Finance.
Against the backdrop of the Euro Zone crisis and the challenges faced by the Israeli economy, and within the framework of a regular economic dialogue foreseen in the EU-Israel Association Agreement, a delegation from the European Union is visiting the Ministry of Finance in Jerusalem.

The Preferred Hotel Group has chosen Inbal Jerusalem, a 5-star facility, to become part of the internationally renowned Preferred Hotels & Resorts collection of "ultimate luxury" hotels starting February 1st 2012.


Israeli web app, currently available in the US, aims to save consumers and banks from scams, bad billing practices, double charges and flat-out errors.

billguard1The team behind BillGuard

The Prime Minister received from him the OECD's first review of Israel's environmental accomplishments.

(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
PM Netanyahu and Environmental Protection Minister Erdan with OECD Deputy Secretary-General Tamaki (Photo: GPO)