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President Peres conducted a diplomatic work meeting with the Foreign Minister of Holland, Mr. Frans Timmermans. During the meeting the two discussed strengthening the diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Foreign Minister expressed to President Peres the importance of the initiative by John Kerry to restart negotiations and Holland's support for the two state solution. President Peres thanked Foreign Minister Timmermans and said, "I thank you for your support and am grateful for the excellent relations between Israel and Holland." Foreign Minister Timmermans conveyed an invitation from the King of Holland for President Peres to visit Holland.

President Peres: "Spraying of hate graffiti against the residents and slashing of tires -
is racist behavior which crosses a red line"

 Salim Jaber:

"This act by a small group will not change the residents of Abu Ghosh -
we love the Jewish people and the State of Israel"

JERUSALEM -The decision today  by the Budapest Investigative Prosecutors to indict Laszlo Csatary , the former senior police officer and ghetto commandant in Kosice , demonstrates that even after 70 years, justice can be attained and dignity can be restored.

This indictment also sends a significant educational message to the younger generation in Hungary, as the country struggles with its history during World War II.

Israel welcomes the decision and hopes that the Hungarian authorities will do their utmost   to expedite the trial in view of the defendant's advanced age.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Tuesday, 18 June 2013), at the start of his meeting with Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky on the issue of advancing Jewish education in the Diaspora, referred to the vandalism of vehicles and spraypainting of graffiti in Abu Ghosh:

"What happened today in Abu Ghosh contravenes the precepts of Judaism, and the values of our people and our state. Just this week we passed decisions that will enable us to take strong action against those who perpetrate such crimes and we will do so with full force."
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Tuesday, 18 June 2013), met with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird and made the following remarks at the start of the meeting: "It is a real pleasure to welcome you again to Jerusalem.

Last month Canada imposed a total trade ban on Iran. Prime Minister Harper should be praised for his important leadership on this crucial issue. Today, it is imperative to continue that pressure.