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The Barramundi, known as the Australian Grouper, is finally available in Israel! This is one of the articles featuring Israel's best products.


The Barramundi fish, known colloquially as the “Australian Grouper,” which originates in the tropical waters north of Australia, has reached Israel! The fish are being bred on several Israeli kibbutzim (Ma’agen Michael and Nir David) under strict supervision, and can already be found in major chains and fish stores. The Barramundi is incredibly savory, low-fat, and rich in protein and Omega 3.



The Barramundi are being raised on Israeli kibbutzim using a fishery technique that involves a closed biosphere, from breeding through development. The development process includes full control over the parameters related to public health, veterinary care, kashruth, quality food for the fish, maximum freshness, and fully supervised packaging.


The Barramundi is an especially nutritious and healthy fish, rich in protein and amino acids, and an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which play a key role in mental development from birth until age 3. Omega 3 also contributes to preventing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and infections, and helps improve mental functioning, like improving concentration.



In Australia, it is recommended to eat at least one serving of Barramundi weekly in order to obtain the amount of Omega 3 needed. One serving contains 140 calories on average, and only 13% fat. The fish has a light, not overpowering, taste, and few bones, and is thus favored by children and adults alike.


The Barramundi can be found in Supersal and Yeynot Beitan stores, and in various fish stores.

Price: starting at 50 NIS/ kilogram.


 Photos Silvia Golan






Soon winter is over. Thick coats and sweaters will go to the upper shelves, and in its place it will be possible to place the elements of the collection for the spring-summer 2018 of GOLBARY , the leading women's fashion chain in Israel


The new collection is a perfect response to the lifestyle of the modern Israeli woman, a woman who pays attention to herself, her femininity and strength, and shapes her wardrobe accordingly. This is the woman of multitasking: a woman who combines career and family, and finds a modern response to the various fields that occupy her life: work, home, business and social events.


The collection includes elements that are suitable for every hour of the day: informal work clothes, which convey a relaxed and meticulous atmosphere, lighter clothing for the evening hours and elegant and impressive items for the night. The items in the collection are characterized by high quality fabrics, rich in floral and geometric prints.


Among the items in the collection are shirts, tunics, embroidered and printed dresses, unique overalls and jackets. Adapted to the climate of the country, there is a spectacular and wild line, which is reflected in coral and black colors, on the shoulders and arms, by exposing the shoulders and daring evening dresses. There is no spring and summer without romance in the air, and the elements correspond to it with lace fabrics, bell sleeves and pastel blue.

Golbary also presents flattering cuts, thanks in part to the intelligent use of unique finishes, stretch fabrics. There is everything in the collection to be included in the category of Israeli haute couture.


The Golbary Spring-Summer 2018 collection has four main trends:



GARDEN Collection

We said spring and summer: we received flowers, which correspond to the flowering atmosphere that surrounds us. The floral trend is expressed in a variety of items: large flower prints on shirts and dresses, as well as pants. Large red and pink flowers, placed on black schifon and cotton, give each garment a wild and sexy appearance. The romantic atmosphere prevails when you see jeans embroidered with white flowers, or dresses adorned with large blue flowers. One of the gems of the floral trend in the spring-summer of 2018 is articles with impressions of birds. Wild and exotic: that's the name of the game.


MIDNIGHT Collection

The collection of evening gowns is particularly impressive. The items are made of lurex, satin, schifon, the dominant black color gives them a dramatic and sensual feeling. In the collection there is a shiny black dress up to the knee, a black dress with black lace and pleated, a long and shiny black dress with a slit on one side that reaches to the knee. You cannot help but exclaim in admiration as you wear your long black overalls, which emphasizes your shoulders with lace in the right place. Add black heels and then get the right look that's right for a cocktail party of business leaders.


DAY TO NIGHT Collection

The items of the DAY TO NIGHT collection can be used both in the morning and at night. Once is to use the item with shoes and feel comfortable and loose. Again it's the same item, but this time with high heels and red lipstick, and you immediately get an elegant look.


RED Collection

Variety of articles in which the red color dominates. In this season in Golbary they emphasized the strong coral color, which finds its expression in the elements that create an attractive appearance. Nobody can ignore red objects: light dresses, vests and shirts, can be combined with jeans and red shoes, red overalls or pants leaving space to emphasize high-heeled shoes.



The impressive accessories department of GOLBARY offers, as every season, complementary items for each situation that improve the appearance.

The accessories, harmonize with the clothing collection, eclectic and fascinating, and among the many items you can find bracelets, rings, rings and necklaces in different styles. Next to them there are fine handkerchiefs that are suitable for summer temperatures and a variety of impressive bags.

One of Golbary's announcements in the ACCESSORIES niche for the spring of 2018 are hats: straw hats and light canvas, decorated with gathers, pompoms, strings or phrases like MADE FOR THE BEACH. Wear the hat, feel the atmosphere of the holidays and enjoy a free and happy summer.


In addition, GOLBARY launches a collection of perfumes with four new fragrances that will be adapted to the Israeli summer: VOYAGE, FLEUR ROUGE, GLITTER and DIAMOND. Fragrances with romantic aromas, combining floral and fruity elements, with a sweet and soft aroma.


Measures: 36-46



Head of design: Jacob Golbary




 Photos Silvia G. Golan







About 1000 invitees – professional and amateur wine lovers – attended the annual “Taste the World” wine launch arranged and orchestrated by ZUR – World of Wines.

Some 40 international and Israeli wineries launched over 150 wines – many for the first time in Israel – at the prestigious wine event last week. For the first time in Israel, vintners from Bordeaux, France, were in attendance. Others came from Champagne, California, Italy, Spain and of course, Israel. Among the wines launched were: Herzog variation American oak; Herzog Quartet; Hagafen Chardonnay; Hagafen Sauvignon blanc; Hagafen Riesling Late Harvest; Elvi Clos Mesorah 2014; Château Lascombes; Chevalier De Lascombes;  and Saint Beatrice Instant B Rose.

Among the wineries proud to offer their products were also: Herzog California; Hagafen California;

Elvi - Spain;  Chateau Lascombe - France;  Chateau Leoville Poyferre - France; Drappier – France; Les Marronniers France; Barons Edmond & Benjamin De Rothschild -  France; Tsafona - Canada; Goose Bay - New Zealand; Ramon Balboa - Spain; Koenig - France; Chateau Malartic Lagraviere - France ; Chateau Giscours - France; Bartenura - Italy; Boondocks-USA.



Our favorites:

Sauvignon Blanc - Hagafen, Napa Valley California.

Delicious Sauvignon aromas, crisp and fresh. Perhaps a dash of sugar more than my European palate is used to, but make no mistake, the wine is in perfect balance and will be a blast on sunny weekends.

Clos Messora - Elvi Wines

Priorat wines are too often "jammy", bold and tannic. Therefore what a surprise to find this wine made from the same famous Priorat grape varieties as Cariñena, Garnaxa and Syrah. The wine is firm, with great grip and a medium-to-full body. But what stands out clearly is its elegance, plump juiciness and finesse. A wine with great poise that is not trying to prove anything but is rather a vehicle for its origins and good manners. Kudos.

Chateau Roubine - Rosé

Perhaps not the same elegance I found in the Non-Kosher version of the wine, yet this is a beautiful expression of Provence Rosé. Without any uncalled-for sweetness, this is a rosé for wine drinkers, and one that is made to go with food. Unashamedly dry, with good acidity to lift it all up.

Psagot - Peak 2014

Mediterranean at heart, this blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah and Mourvedre is just beautifully made. Ripe tannins and elegant texture hide a young but powerful Israeli red. Perfect for drinking now, but a year or two of cellaring will only do well for the wine, so your patience will be amply rewarded.

(Credit to wine expert Yair Haidu)

 Photo Silvia G GOLAN






Due to the constant increase in the number of passengers, the fourth concourse at Ben Gurion Airport was inaugurated, which will allow the simultaneous departure of 32 aircraft on international flights. Transport Minister Israel Katz says: "Ben-Gurion airport has moved from the small airport category to becoming one of the largest airports in the world"

At Ben Gurion airport on the afternoon of Thursday, February 15, the official inauguration of the fourth arm of Terminal 3 and the expansion of the airspace were carried out, in order to address the increase in the number of passengers that began with the application of the "open skies" policy. The new space is named after Haim Corfu z "l, a former transport minister, who was previously chairman of the board of directors of the Airports Authority in Israel. The event was attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Transport Minister Israel Katz, the Corfu family and the high authority of the airport.


The expansion of the terminal was extended over an area of 17 thousand square meters, with an investment of U.S. $700 million. The project included the addition of Duty-Free shops, a VIP lounge, new aircraft parking lots, bridges and doors at the exit doors of aircraft, and landing systems using the most modern technology.



Transport Minister Katz decided to name the new concourse after Haim Corfu, who served as coalition chairman during the Begin government and who during the 10th Knesset was appointed Minister of Transportation, where he served for 8 years. He was later named the president of the Airports Authority of Israel.


The new space will allow the simultaneous departure of 32 aircraft on international flights and is expected to address the growth in the number of departures and arrivals at the Ben-Gurion airport, which is expected to reach 23 million passengers by 2018, an increase of approximately 20% compared to 2017. Next year, Ben Gurion Airport is expected to reach the category of the largest airports in the world: in 2019 the number of passengers is expected to reach 25 million per year.


Prime Minister Netanyahu said in his speech: "When you were waiting for passengers at the old airport you would be waiting outside on a terrace under the sky, and today it is impossible to identify what it was like in the past.

Netanyahu recalled the deceased Transport Minister Corfu, and said: "He was a member of the Etzel, member of the Herut and Likud parties, active in public life as Minister of Transport and President of the Airport Authority, and has worked on behalf of Israel some 70 years ago. When independence was declared, Corfu was not in the country since he was serving in Africa, so it is fitting that he will be immortalized at the country's door ".


Transport Minister Israel Katz said: "The open skies revolution that began five years ago transformed Ben Gurion airport from a small airport to one of the largest airport in the world; competition in the industry has led to the opening of new routes to Israel and the incorporation of new airline flights that offer flight packages at particularly attractive prices, saving the Israeli consumer a considerable amount of money ".


In 2017, 12 new international airlines were added to Ben Gurion, and more than 25 new flight destinations have been added. The fourth concourse was designed similar to the existing ones, with an eight-leg structure, some double, to embark and disembark aircraft more quickly, three of them for wide-body aircraft.

 Photo Silvia Golan