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Thursday, December 6th, 2012, at 4:30 pm - at the Cymbalista Jewish Heritage Center - Tel Aviv University.
In the year of the Centenary of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg, a Hero without a Grave. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation in cooperation with Embassy of Sweden in Israel.

Romanian Ambassador Mr Edward Iosiper, Minister Yaakov Margi and Mr Shlomo Morgan Minister Counselor Protocol Department 
Photo Silvia Golan 
On the occasion of the traditional celebration of the National Day of Romania marking 64 years since the reunification of the country, Mr. and Mrs Edward Iosiper
have invited friends and dignitaries to a nice reception on the lawn of their home in Herzelia.

In his welcome speech, Ambassador Iosiper described the fruitful, productive, bilateral ties between Romania and Israel.
 Mr Iosiper noted that new agreements in research, development and health have been negotiated. He went on to say "There are more than 5000 Israeli companies operating on the
Romanian market reaching a mutual volume trade of 420 million dollars in addition to the 3 billion dollars of Israeli investment in Romania".
The Ambassador also added that this year Rumanian representatives experienced for the first time the danger, fear and agony Israeli citizens in the south had to endure for the last 12 years.
According to Losiper "A just and lasting solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict can be reached only through direct negotiations"
The Ambassador also reitirated Romania's strong stance against any attempt of de-legitimization of Israel."

The Republic of Angola celebrated on November 11th of 2012, 37years of nationhood since its independence from Portugal. Angolan Ambassador in Israel HE Joao Manuel and his wife Antonia Manuel welcomed guest of honor Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Shalom Shimon and Minister for Minorities Affairs in the government of the State of Israel to a colorful reception held at the Panorama Hotel in Tel-Aviv. Heads of diplomatic Missions and International Organizations were also among the selected group of invitees.

 The Angolan Ambassador explained how important independence and sovereignty is for the young South African country. After 27 years of civil war, Angola attained peace only ten years ago and has, since then, achieved growth by implementing social and economic reconstruction programs, professional training.

 Most importantly, Angola has made a great effort in the consolidation of democracy in the country, holding most recently general elections in August of 2012. Furthermore “Angola is currently a politically stable and safe country where Angolans have opportunities to explore the vast natural resources that the country has to offer, creating economic and financial conditions that are going toward carrying the load of the nations colossal development programs” added Mr. Manuel.

The soon to be Ambassador of Croatia in Israel, Mr.Peter Simunovic   arrived on Wednesday afternoon at the Ashdod City Hall to show solidarity with the bombed population of the city. He was invited by Mr. shmuel Schlesinger the Consul of Croatia  and owner of the Ashdod Bonded shipping company. Mr. Schlesinger is responsible for rekindling and renewing the diplomatic relationship that went sour between Israel and Croatia. When the two met at City Hall they were led to a special control room where a staff of experts were stationed with computers  following the missile bombings of the city.
 Mr.  Simunovic landed in Israel only two months ago and very quickly became familiar with the grim, intensive Israeli reality.
While being interviewed by Diplomacy the Ambassador received a phone call from the Croatian Embassy in Tel aviv informing him of the bus bombing right in front of the Embassy. He was requested to return to the embassy immediately.
Hopefully, the Ambassador's next visit to Ashdod will be longer and under better circumstances.

President Peres visited the city of Sderot this morning
President Peres spent time in conversation with local children inside a bomb shelter
Chen Malkiel, a ten year old girl from Sderot, to President Peres:
We want to be normal children but we were born 'code red' children
President Peres:
Hamas bears responsibility and it should control all the other organizations operating under its nose with its tacit approval
Following the recent events in southern Israel and the crisis facing the citizens in the region, the President of the State of Israel, President Shimon Peres, visited the city of Sderot and one of its local schools. President Peres was accompanied by the mayor of the city, David Bouskila, the heads of the Gaza area regional councils and senior officers from the IDF's Home Front command. President Peres met with schoolchildren, was given a situation update by military sources and, at the request of the children, entered a bomb shelter in the school and sat on the floor to speak with them about their feelings, fears and the difficult situation they face living under rocket fire in Sderot.