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The President’s official residence in Jerusalem was bursting with ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in Israel when Mr. Shimon Peres himself hosted a unique gathering on Sunday 30th December 2012. In his address to the distinguished guests, the President spoke of Israel’s earnest resolve to achieve peace in the region.
"Great changes are taking place in the Arab world and the State of Israel is not part of them. It can take a passive stance in which decision-making is determined by the reality or Israel can take the initiative and brave steps, and thus positively influence three aspects. First, is the completion of a peace agreement with the Palestinians without delay. A clear majority of the people is in favor of the principle of two states for two peoples. I have known Abu Mazen for 30 years. He has stood up and publicly said that he favors peace and opposes terrorism. Abu Mazen's actions to thwart terrorism are brave to the point where his life is at risk. Put yourselves in his shoes and realize that his recognition of a solution to the refugee issue, and the fact that he will not return to Safed, the city of his birth, are important and courageous. There is not much time and from the perspective of probability, this is the move that could be carried out now.

British Embassador Mr  Matthew Gould was awarded Yesterday an honorary degree from Ben Gurion University

www.diplomacy.co.il  would like to congratulate , Mr. Matthew Gould on receiiving the honorary award from Ben gurion University.
Your achievements indeed merit this award.
Wishing you success and best of luck
Silvia Golan  Executive Director and team

Follow the embassador speech

Acceptance speech

Ben Gurion University, 26 December 2012

 You have done me a huge honour.  

 You have allowed me to fulfil one of my lifelong ambitions, namely to get a doctorate without doing any work.

I am hoping you will now find a painless way for me to run the marathon.

This award is a source of both pride and humility.

Pride because it reflects the progress we have made in the mission I set myself as Ambassador when I came to Israel two years ago.

To build links between our universities.

To get our scientists working together.

A year ago, in this university, we brought that vision to life, with the first UK/Israel Conference on Regenerative Medicine, bringing together over two

 hundred scientists, including from 20 British universities.

President Peres took part in a Christmas celebration in northern Israel and said:

"It is for me a privilege to send our profound wishes for a Happy Christmas to the whole Christian world and our hopes that the Middle East may enter an era of peace and prosperity."
"The State of Israel is committed to protecting all the holy sites and the freedom of worship for everyone."

The President of the State of Israel, President Shimon Peres, paid a visit to the official residence of Archbishop Chacour in Haifa. President Peres sang traditional Christmas songs with the local children's choir from the Christian-Arabic school in L'bilin.
President Peres delivered a festive greeting to Christians in Israel and across the world and said, "It is for me a privilege, as president of the State of Israel, to send profound wishes on behalf of all of Israel for a Happy Christmas to the whole Christian world and to express the hope that the Middle East may enter an era of peace and prosperity. The State of Israel is committed to protecting all the holy sites and the freedom of worship for everyone. In the Holy Land coexistence between Jews, Christians and Muslims will continue. From the city of Haifa, a model of peace and coexistence, I wish to send one clear message to the world – a message of peace and unity between all faiths, between all nations."


Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas  

and a Happy New Year

Silvia G. Golan

Executive Director & Team

December 19, 2012 - Mayor Nir Barkat toured the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City this morning to speak with local religious leaders, residents, and store keepers to wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Mayor Barkat took the opportunity while meeting with representatives of the Old City’s Christian leadership to discuss the challenges facing their communities and to address their concerns regarding traffic conditions, infrastructure, and the expansion of schools.

During the first of three scheduled tours, Mayor Barkat held meetings with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Franciscan Custos of the Holy Land, the Ethiopian Orthodox Archbishop in Jerusalem, and the Head of the Anglican Evangelical Episcopal Church in Israel.

Mayor Barkat’s annual tradition of bringing holiday greetings to Christian leaders in the Old City has become an opportunity for a yearly update and review of the concerns of each community. The Mayor told residents "there are no problems, only challenges, and we are looking for the most effective ways to resolve them." In this spirit, the Mayor was joined by representatives from the relevant branches of the Municipality, as well as his Deputy Mayor for Planning, Naomi Tsur, and City Councilman Meir Margalit.

Photo  Silvia Golan