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The exhibition "Cross the Line -- Czech Glass in Israel” will open on February 3, 2019, at the Czech House Jerusalem

The exhibition will present items by 15 handmade glass producers from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (1 piece/set by each producer). Emphasis will be placed not only on modern design but also on timeless and commercially successful designs. As Israel is a great fan of Czech glass, exclusive handmade products will be part of the exhibition.

Says curator of the exhibition Petr Novy of the Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou, “It was extremely difficult to select 15 producers from the 200 glass manufacturers we have in the Czech Republic. We have been fortunate to sustain the production of handmade glass, despite severe economic pressures and competition. Now we have a better variety of glass in the Czech Republic than even in Italy, and we are seeing a revival of interest in glassware. Glass shop owners in Prague say that Israeli tourists are very good customers and like expensive brands such as Moser."

During the exhibition, Novy will present a lecture and a portfolio of the exhibitors.

The exhibition is the brainchild of Robert Mikolas, director of the Czech House and former war correspondent for Radio Prague. "I studied glass manufacturing as part of our national history, especially in the northern parts of Bohemia, from medieval times until the 20th century. I like to do things that seem ‘unfeasible.’ When I was appointed director of the Czech Center in Israel, I decided to bring the glassware here. My friend Borek Sipek, a world-renowned architect and designer, says that glass is very important in life as a form of relaxation. Perhaps that is why Israelis like it so much. "

Participating companies in the exhibition: ALDIT GLASS (hand-cut crystal); BLAŽEK GLASS (hand-cut crystal) BROKIS (light object); BYSTRO DESIGN (hand-cut glass); CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE (hand-cut crystal); EVANS ATELIER (fused glass); GOLDBERG GLASS (painted glass); ILLOLA (Slovakia) (painted glass);LADISLAV ŠEVČÍK (hand-cut crystal); LHOTSKÝ (mold-melted glass); MOSER (hand-cut crystal); RONA (Slovakia) (hand-blown glass); RÜCKL CRYSTAL (hand-cut crystal); ŠÍPEK TEAM (hand-blown glass) VERREUM (handmade silver glass).

The exhibition will be on display February 3 -- 28 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Czech House Jerusalem, located in the building of the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

The opening ceremony will take place on February 3 at 6 p.m.


Photos   by the  Czech House, Jerusalem






On January 17th 2019, the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv hosted a press conference on the upcoming Eilat Chamber Music Festival (February 6th-9th)  Gilli Alon-Bitton (Carousel Artists Management and PR) opened the

meeting, showing a few short film clips - enough to whet one’s appetite for four days of good music in the sunny winter city.  First to address us was Yossi Chen of the Eilat Tourism Corporation. He talked about developments in Eilat - the new Ilan & Assaf Ramon Airport, improvements made to the promenade, about campus for Law and Architecture studies, the planned international sports campus and the fact that the New York Times has graded Eilat as the sixth best vacationing resort in the world! This year, the Eilat Chamber Music Festival, one of the country’s finest, will be part of Eilat’s 70th-anniversary celebrations. Since taking on the festival, the Dan Eilat Hotel, he added, has been offering the hospitality of the highest standard!




Mr. Ronen Nissenbaum, the Dan Hotels' new President, and CEO will be celebrating his second Eilat Chamber Music Festival. With the Dan Hotels engaging in many cultural events, he is proud they are hosts of the “Partnership with Art” project. He promises guests many good surprises and much enjoyment - fine hospitality and good food and reminded those present of the various accommodation-concert packages offered by the Dan Eilat for the festival. He concluded by mentioning Leonid Rozenberg’s experience and familiarity with Eilat.




Leonid Rozenberg, the Eilat Chamber Music Festival’s founder and musical director, spoke of the city’s long-standing support of the festival, referring to it as a mix of culture and vacation and singling out the Dan Hotels as “our family”, with outstanding hospitality offered by Dan Eilat Hotel’s manager Mr. Lior Mucznik and all the hotel workers. As to this year’s concerts, Rozenberg mentioned that family relations were an integral theme of the program, from members of the Elias Quartet (UK) to members of the Busch Trio (UK), to Russian violinist/countertenor/conductor Dmitry Sinkovsky’s wife performing with his ensemble, to the Jussen Brothers (duo-pianists, Holland), ‘cellist Jonathan Roozeman (Finland) and his pianist brother and to Israeli  soprano Claire Meghnagi’s performance with Koby Aflalo, her brother-in-law. Rozenberg referred to this year’s festival as one of the most varied till now and that the concert of the three teenage pianists hailing from Moscow was sure to be a great attraction to guests. He also spoke of a unique performance featuring PA'dam’s singers and instrumentalists (Holland) in a new arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, adding that actor Dov Glickman would be accompanying it with readings from Bach’s own pen. And for those night owls wishing to hear high quality lighter music, there will be such events as a performance by London duo Koby Israelite and Annique and even a classical jam session!




The press conference ended with a glimpse into the final event of the festival - “The House of Bernarda Alba”,  a story of depression, money, and love, based on a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. Introduced by Michal Natan of the Compas Dance Company, two dancers gave tender, expressive performances of Javier Latorre’s choreography set to a variety of musical styles.


Photos by Silvia G Golan


The selected photos present a fascinating and mesmerizing perspective of the events that took place over the past year. They are exhibited at the MUSA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv photojournalism exhibition.

The main photographic event was opened on Thursday, 20 December, at MUSA, the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. The certificates were awarded to the winners in the various photography categories.

The photos will be on display until 2 February 2019 at the Local Testimony exhibition which is now in its 16th year, together with the prestigious World Press Photo international exhibition. The joint display of the Israeli and international exhibitions offers the viewer an in-depth picture of the events that took place on the international and Israeli scenes over the year, as they were captivated in the camera lenses of the finest photographers in Israel and abroad.

This year some 7,000 photos were submitted by about 350 professional photographers; of these 170 photos and video clips were chosen, as well as Photo of the Year and Series of the Year, in the categories of news, nature and the environment, religion and faith, society and community, sports, urbanism and culture, and the photographed story.

The exhibition reflects the reality of our region, events that were striking in the media over the past year, alongside those that were important from a social and human point of view.

The curator of the exhibition is Ami Steinitz, and with him on the jury panel Uri Gershuni, photographer, artist and lecturer, Gilad Tocatly, director and producer, Mark Yashaev, photographer, artist, and lecturer, Ilan Itzhayek, editor-in-chief of Xnet, Yedioth Aharonoth Yaakov Israel, photographer, artist and lecturer, Rina Castelnuovo, photographer and journalist, Guy Raz, photographer and MUSA curator, and members of the editorial board Vardi Kahana, photographer and curator, and Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin, initiator and exhibition manager.

Ami Steinitz, curator of Local Testimony 2018:

“A war of low but ever-increasing intensity has been going on over the past year; heavy clouds of smoke accompany reports on IDF attacks in the depth of Syria, confrontations with Palestinians on the border of the Gaza Strip, and scorched fields ignited by incendiary kites and balloons in the settlements of Otef Gaza. The lack of clarity vis-à-vis the extant situation and its implications worsen also as a result of changes in the character of documentation. Freedom of information and opinion in the social networks and global media channels is manipulated for disseminating fake news by private people, organizations, and countries. Photojournalism alters its appearance when numerous events are photographed by security cameras and smartphones by the man in the street, and are circulated in the media. The uniqueness of documentary photography lies in its exclusive capture of an uncontrollable event, through which a story, hidden from our eyes, is revealed. The value of the art of photography is greater than the simplistic description of an event, and the documentary photograph expresses a repressed dimension of the world of phenomena”.

Winners in the various categories in the Israeli photojournalist competition, Local Testimony

Photo of the Year

Oliver Fitoussi / Haaretz

Knesset Member Oren Hazan of the Likud, taking a selfie with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and members of the coalition, following the late-night vote and passing of the Nation-State Law.

Also in the photo: Knesset Members Avi Dichter, Nurit Koren, Yaron Mazuz, Ayoub Kara, Miki Zohar and Anat Berko

Knesset Yisrael, Jerusalem, 18 July 2018

The Jury’s statement:

Oliver Fitoussi’s photo, “The Nation-State Law marks “a definitive moment”, showing the faces and names behind the written word in the law which Israel’s Knesset passed. No less than the fact that the Nation-State Law indicates the process that Israeli society is undergoing – from a democratic to a Jewish society, and some claim a shift from a democratic to racist state – the photograph depicts the moment following the voting process. It is a moment of relief and respite, and in the center the red tie worn by the prime minister signifying a “red traffic light.” Next to him stand the Knesset members who supported the law, and who mirror Israeli society – some wearing white shirts, their bellies protruding, and next to them, the “whipper ‘MK Oren Hazan, who is documenting the historic moment, like any other member of the public.

Series of the Year

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Barry Talis

Private moments of a religious and ecstatic experience during ceremonies and rituals. The photo was taken employing a long exposure technique, which creates chaos, and a flash device that underscores the main figures.

Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, 2014-2018

The Jury’s statement:

Barry Talis’s series of the year is a juxtaposition of Photo of the Year. It is a long-term work that presents the freedom of ritual and religion, depicted in personal and ceremonial moments of different ethnic groups in a democratic Israel and the freedom of creative art. Jews, Christians and Ethiopians in ecstatic moments in the lens of a virtuoso photographer who restores the belief in art and the strength of the medium to offer documentation of a moment that moves one. And indeed, the structure of the series underscores the mediational process that takes place between the eye of the photographer and his or her camera, and reality: the one that moves through the photograph’s filter and flash, creating esthetic distance on the one hand and at the same time underscoring the main figures in the frame, all this simulating reality as a virtual space, as if taken from the world of the cinema and computerized imaging.

1st Prize in the category of News, singles:

Ilia Yefimovich / DPA

A Palestinian youth during a conflict with IDF soldiers in the West Bank, during the second week of demonstrations that took place after US President Donald Trump announced the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Kalandia, 20 December 2017

1st Prize in the category of News, series:

Amir Cohen / Reuters

Incendiary kites, fires, smoke and rockets in Otef Gaza (Gaza envelope).

Otef Gaza, November 2017-August 2018

1st Prize in the category of Nature and Environment, singles

Ohad Zwigenberg / Yedioth Ahronoth

Israel Border Police at a camouflage drill.

Jerusalem Hills, 27 March 2018

1st Prize in the category of Nature and Environment, series:

Alexander Bronfer

Bathers and visitors at the Dead Sea, near Har Sdom.

Ein Bokek, September 2016-August 2018

1st prize in the category of Religion and Faith, singles:

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Emil Salman / Haaretz

Members of Neemanei Har Habait (Temple Mount Devotees) slaughtering a sheep, “practicing” for the Passover sacrifice (the Paschal lamb). Members of the movement are determined to build the Third Temple.

Jerusalem, 19 March 2018

1st Prize in the category of Religion and Faith, series:

Asaf Freidman

Chevra Kadisha employees regard the work of tohara (preparing the body for burial) and burial as a mission, based on the sublime goal of maintaining the honor of the dead on his or her final voyage to eternal rest.

Cemeteries, January- August 2018

1st Prize in the category of Society and Community, singles:

Marc Israel Sellem / Jerusalem Post

Miriam and Neria playing with their infant son.

Yitzhar, 12 August 2018


1st Prize in the category of Society and Community, series:

Oren Ziv /Activestills, for Local Discussion

The settlement Khan al-Ahmar was founded in the 1950s between Jerusalem and Jericho by Bedouins who were evicted from the Negev. In September 2018 the Supreme Court approved the demolition of the village, including the school where children of the area study. The evacuation of the village, located in E1 area, has won international interest, since it is regarded as part of an Israeli attempt to prevent the territorial continuity of a Palestinian State.

Khan al-Ahmar, 11 June-18 July 2018

1st Prize in the category of Sports, singles:

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Ohad Zwigenberg / Yedioth Ahronoth

Yossi Benayoun, one of the best Israeli football players, came to play with Beitar Jerusalem. As a result of an argument with the owner, Eli Tabib, he was forced to leave the club.

Jerusalem, 17 January 2018

1st Prize in the category of Sport, series:

Michael Shvardron

Horse race on a race course in the Negev.

Segev Shalom, April-May 2018

1st Prize in category of Culture and Urbanism, singles

Asaf Kliger

Tom Yaar removing her makeup at the end of a day of filming for the program “Tom Yaar is doing matriculation”.

Tel Aviv, 18 June 2018

1st Prize in the category of Culture and Urbanism, series

Corinna Kern /Reuters

Roofs of Tel Aviv serve as a safe haven for various purposes.

Tel Aviv, October 2017-January 2018

1st Prize in the category of the Photographed Story:

Gili Benita

A year’s follow-up of the organization Save a Child’s Heart, an Israeli humanitarian organization, that offers life-saving medical treatment to children from developing countries, who suffer from congenital heart disease. Since the organization was founded, 4,800 children from 58 countries, whose fate was sealed, were treated and were able return to their countries.

Wolfson Medical Center, the Save a Child’s Heart children’s home, Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute in Dares Salaam, Tanzania, 2017-2018


Partners and supporters: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Ynet, Ofek Aerial Photography, Canon and Samsung

Opens: 21 December 2018

Closes: 2 February 2019

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 10 am – 10 pm/ Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, 10 am – 4 pm/Friday 10 am – 2 pm

Guided tours open to the public: Saturdays 11 am., 12:30 pm, Mondays and Thursdays, 11:30 am (included in ticket price)

Tickets: NIS 52/ Tel Aviv residents: NIS 42/ Senior citizens: NIS26/ Children under 18 – free of charge












The International Mediterranean Tourism Market Exhibition (IMTM) is an international event that brings together Israeli tourists, tourism operators, their colleagues and clients from abroad and the general public, and is the main annual meeting point of the Israeli tourism industry.

The 25th IMTM Exhibition will be held on February 12-13, 2019 at Pavilion 2 at the Tel-Aviv Exhibition Grounds.

This is the second year in which the exhibition is being held in Pavilion 2, following the constant growth in the number of participants and the desire to improve and renew the exhibition's visibility. Pavilion 2 is a flexible space covering a total area of 6,000 square meters and a height of 20 meters.

 The international tourism exhibition has gained momentum in recent years and is considered the flagship event of the tourism industry in Israel. Each year, the number of participants and countries that register is increasing. This year 50 countries will arrive, including European countries such as Russia, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Malta, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and more. Asian countries such as India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia and more. Countries from Africa Botswana, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Latin American countries such as Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Brazil.

 In addition, representatives of the Brazilian airline LATAM, who announced direct flights from Israel to Sao Paulo, China Airlines and Azerbaijan airlines, will also arrive for the first time.

The exhibition will also include a medical tourism conference at an international level, where experts from medicine and body health from all over the world can meet.

 IMTM is the annual and oldest event of the tourism industry in Israel. It was organized by "Ortra" Ltd. and Israel Travel News, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and is sponsored by the Israel Hotel Association, the Israel Tourist Association and the Association of Travel Agents in Israel.





For more information on the event you are welcome to read the full article on:

https://www.israel-best-trips.com/single-post/A-Preview-of-the-IMTM-HYPERLINK "https://www.israel-best-trips.com/single-post/A-Preview-of-the-IMTM-2019-Exhibition"2019HYPERLINK "https://www.israel-best-trips.com/single-post/A-Preview-of-the-IMTM-2019-Exhibition"


Photo PR





The multicultural city of Haifa, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the 'Festival of Festivals', a combined event gala of all the major religious holidays together since chronologically they all occured within a few days of each other.

The "Festival of Festivals" will take place throughout December with most activities scheduled over weekends from Thursday-Sunday.


Festival Highlights

  • A nature tour 'From Black to Green'
  • Beit HaGefen Theater
  • The House of Grace
  • Lunch at 'Garden' and Dessert at 'Douzan' in the German Colony

A Nature Tour 'From Black to Green'

Two years ago, the neighborhod of Romema in Haifa suffered from a wave of fires that turned all the open space in the neighborhhod from green to charred black. After several months of restoration, the festival of festivals is hosting a new tour for the first time, led by agronomists Hanoch Burger and Khaled Hamoud through the new path telling the story of the restoration.



Beit HaGefen Theater

'Beit HaGefen' is an Arab - Jewish Cultural Center that is located in the heart of the German colony. This year 'Beit HaGefen' will inaugurate a new space of activity, "The Third Space: A Space for Art and Education". The space is the new wing of the Beit Hagefen Gallery, which will offer the audience experiences that combine works of art and activities focusing on life skills in a multi-cultural society.

In general, aside from the gallery, several concerts will be held at Beit HaGefen as well as three free Arabic lessons accompanied by music played on a Kanun/Qanun (a string instrument) led by Avshalom Farjun. Some of the events will be open to the public for free and others require advance purchasing of tickets. Also, 'Beit HaGefen' will be included in some of the festival tours. 

The House of Grace

The 'House of Grace' is the term for a kind social project taking place in the first Greek Catholic cathedral located in the heart of the German Colony. The project, envisioned by an Arab Christian family is aimed at rehabilitation of released prisoners before they return to society. The main hall of the cathedral is still used for prayers and concerts, but the back end has been turned into a hostel. The father of the family and founder of the project, Kamil Shehade has recently had a plaza named after him in honor of his important contribution to society. Fortunately, the family continues his work. We met his son Jamal as well as one of the tour guides, Ulfat Haider who will be leading a women's tour that will pass through the 'House of Grace'.

Lunch at 'Garden' and Dessert at 'Douzan'

If you like trying modern updates to traditional food, you'll enjoy these two neighboring restaurants located in the German Colony.

Our meal at 'Garden' consisted of delicious dishes such as meat or cheese filled giabettas, kebabs baked in a pan sealed under a layer of pita bread and grilled eggplant salad with Labane cheese decorations. The owner Tair Halifa wecomes you.


At 'Douzan' we were welcomed to a few mouth-watering desserts: chocolate cream cake, a raspberry cheesecake and owner Fady's special Malabi. Fady also welcomes you.



The best news is that all the information is availabe in English on the festival website. 22222222222222http://haifahag.com/?lang=2

For additional related articles, please refer to the article on the author's website:


 Photos Credit  Beit HaGefen