Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Holocaust Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day  today (Monday, 24 April 2017), at the Knesset, made the following remarks at the 'Unto Every Person There is a Name'   ceremony:

"My late father-in-law, Shmuel Ben-Artzi, came here, at the age of 18, in 1933. He left his native Bilgoraj in Poland. His father, it could be said, pursued him up to the train station in Warsaw and tried to convince him to stay in Poland. Shmuel was insistent. He was full of love for Zion. He was also an emissary for the Musar movement yeshiva in Novardok and opened a branch in Bnei Brak.


The Royal Opera House  screening into cinemas NORMA- New production

Wednesday April 26 2017 at 19:30

Cinema City Glilot I Cinema City Jerusalem I Cinema City Rishon LeZion



Barrocade’s most recent production was Daniel Purcell’s opera “The Judgement of Paris”. This writer attended the event on April 1st 2017 in the Church of the Ark of the Covenant, Kiryat Yearim, some ten kilometers west of Jerusalem. Barrocade – the Israeli Baroque Collective - was established in 2007; its musical director is Amit Tiefenbrunn, with Shlomit Sivan serving as its administrative director. For the opera, Yizhar Karshon conducted from the harpsichord. Oded Reich was stage director. Costumes, stage design and assistant director - Gan De-Lange; lighting design - Yehiel Orgal; assistant producer - Liat Lidor. Vocal soloists Eitan Drori, Revital Raviv, Hadas Faran-Asia, Einat Aronstein and Oded Reich were joined by the Shachar Choir (director: Gila Brill).

Anastasia, Kenneth MacMillan’s powerful and compelling full length ballet based on the true story of the lost Russian Grand Duchess is screened live into cinemas. Evocative sets and stunning costumes by Bob Crowley will transport audiences to the glittering heart of the Russian royal court and to the stark surroundings of a disturbed mind.

In its first performance by The Royal Ballet in over a decade, the live cinema screening of Anastasia features a stellar cast of critically acclaimed Principal dancers. Russian star Natalia Osipova takes on the title role with Marianela Nuñez as Kschessinksa, Federico Bonelli as ‘Her Partner, Edward Watson as ’The Husband’ and Thiago Soares as the sinister Rasputin.
As war and revolution ravage Russia, the glamorous excesses of the Romanov dynasty cometumbling down around the young Grand Duchess Anastasia. Years later, a woman named Anna Anderson, a disturbed and withdrawn psychiatric patient locked away in an asylum, is haunted by the nightmares of her past. Fact and fantasy become indistinguishable as her conviction of her true identity helps her to survive her grim reality. This heart wrenching three-act ballet will leave audiences to decide for themselves if Anna’s claims are legitimate.




The Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv will host, between April 4th – May 12th, 2017, the photography exhibition “An Israeli in Romania, a Romanian in Israel” by Romanian-born Israeli artist Yoel Harel.

The exhibition is comprised of photographic works that capture instances of social and family life in Romania and Israel, in order to reflect the ambivalence of identity and the sense of belonging to two cultures and societies. During the exhibition, the audiences will have the opportunity to discover special places and moments that define daily life in the two countries. In the same time, the artist presents his strong connection with Romania, as well as the very special relation with Israel that Romanian-born Israelis have following their Aliyah.

The opening of the exhibition, in Hebrew and Romanian, will take place Thursday, April 20, at 17:00 at RCI Tel Aviv (8 Shaul HeMelech Blvd, 6th floor).