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Israel's Fashion Week Celebrated SpongeBob Square Pants' 20th Birthday

The main fashion show was inspired by Nickelodeon's iconic figure and dedicated to 'Krembo Wings - A Youth Movement for Children with and without Special Needs'


On Wednesday, March 13th, at 20:00 Israel's fashion week launch a unique fashion show celebrating the most iconic cartoon character of them all, SpongeBob Square Pants.

Israel's most prominent fashion designers, including Karen Oberson, Vivi Balaish, Dror Kontento, Shai Shalom, Commes-il-faut, as well as many others, will present their own custom designs, inspired by SpongeBob.

The presentation includes 25 designs, each one representing a unique aspect of SpongeBob's personality and values. The designers have incorporated into their work visual elements reflecting some of SpongeBob's core values: environmental consciousness, optimism, tolerance, creativity, imagination, and playfulness.

For instance, Tal Rosenfrab, chief designer for comme-il-faut fashion house, present an outfit featuring characters from the show woven into it, as a statement against ocean pollution.

Also, fashion designer Yarden Mainfeld premiere a design inspired by SpongeBob's playfulness and optimism, with the caption "Follow the Rainbow", as a tribute to the LGBT community.

Yael Arad, one of the event's organizers and head of the commercial division at Nickelodeon & Viacom Brands, Israel: "SpongeBob has established himself as a cultural icon, far exceeding the limits of a popular cartoon figure. As such, he is an inspiration for creative minds ranging from all fields. It is only befitting that Israel's Fashion Week, one the country's biggest international affairs, will collaborate with the international phenomena that is SpongeBob."   

The show was dedicated to 'Krembo Wings – A Youth Movement for Children with and without Special Needs'. The movement operates so that all children - regardless of gender, race, religion or abilities – may participate in an all-inclusive social environment.

The benefit will help to finish work a new branch of 'Krembo Wings'. The branch, located in Netivot (in the south of Israel), will offer socio-educational activities based on a model of private sponsorship in group settings. The activities are meant to raise awareness to special-needs communities, and social accessibility.


The connection between SpongeBob and "Krembo Wings" is a natural one: The optimistic sponge is a symbol of positivity, happiness and the acceptance of others. It is only fitting then that the show will end with a special celebration involving kids from the 'Krembo Wings' movement.

The Event will be hosted by Eyal Kitzis

The designers participating in the show: Vivi Balaish, Karen Oberson, Dorin Frankfurt, Shai Shalom, Shani Zimmerman, Yaron Minkowski, Idan Laros, Daniela Lehavi, Comme il faut, and others.

On the runway: Yael Arad, Kim Or Azulai, Eliana Tidhar. Omer Hazan, Sophie Machner, Roslana Rodina, Maya Wertheimer, Miri Nevo, Noam Frost, Talin, Shani Klein, Natalie Dadon,  Shai Lee Shindler, Arbel Keinan, Bell Agam and others


All Proceeds are going to Krembo Wings

Tickets Prices:  250/500/100 NIS

Date: March 13th , Wednesday

Hour: 20:00

Location: Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port


"With Imagination, You Can Be Anything You Want”

SpongeBob SquarePants


Photos by Silvia Golan




For the first time all on one stage! The Red Army Choir celebrates its 90 year birthday by hosting Gevatron folk group, which is celebrating its own 70 year anniversary

Led by Dan Kaner

March 19-24:

Tel Aviv: Cultural Hall (Heichal Hatarbut)

Haifa: Congress Center (Merkaz Hacongressim)

Be’er Sheva: Conch Arena (Hakonchia)   

Jerusalem: International Conference Center (Binyanei Hauma)


The “Red Army” Choir joins forces for the first time with the “Gevatron” choir, in a unique and unprecedented musical tour de force, for 10 concerts this week, in four locations around Israel.

The Red Army Choir, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, is returning to Israel for the fifth time, and for the first time is collaborating with the Gevatron choir, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, in 10 performances around the country in March. For the Gevatron this signifies the achievement of another dream after they won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

The concert program includes international hits from different periods and for the first time a special performance of the Gevatron's greatest and most beloved hits by the Red Army Choir.

The Red Army Choir, which has become a legendary institution that transcends all genres and cultures, unites audiences with vitality and entertainment value that is universal, including a wide range of music ranging from folklore and classical music to global hits

The Red Army Choir was established 90 years ago, in 1928, in the Soviet Union. Since then it has enjoyed incredible success internationally. Over 20 million people have watched the choir on international tours in more than 50 countries. The Red Army Choir is the largest men's choir in the world and is considered both a symbol of Russian culture and a milestone in the culture of military bands. Its appearance in Israel was in October 2017, when it hosted Israeli singers Yardena Arazi and Dudu Fisher.

Much has already been written about Israel’s Gevatron choir. Today, the choir includes about 20 members. Over the last few years, the band has embarked on two major tours in North America and European countries, and there is great demand for its performances.


In 2007 the choir received the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement. This led to a renewed interest in hearing the classical songs of Israel. The unique character of the Gevatron - the magic of its colorful and harmonious tones, through its special songs and its innovations to old classics - gives the choir its own unique flavor.

Those who love traditional music and culture can expect an incredible and unforgettable experience, as the Red Army Choir hosts the Gevatron choir in an unprecedented event in Israel.

Production team: EGOeast Productions

March 18: Jerusalem (Binyanei Hauma), 20:30

March 19: Be’er Sheva (Conch Theater), 20:30

March 20-21: Tel Aviv (Heichal Hatarbut), 20:30

March 22: Tel Aviv (Heichal Hatarbut), 13:30; 20:30

March 23: Tel Aviv (Heichal Hatarbut), 17:00; 21:00

March 24: Haifa (Merkaz Hacongressim), 18:00; 21:00

Tickets: 250-480 NIS

To purchase tickets, in Be’er Sheva, call *8949 or visit www.ticket4u.co.il

For Tel Aviv or Haifa, call *8780 or visit www.leaan.co.il

Photo credit: Red Army Choir





As The Fair Enters Its Second Decade, Fresh Paint 11 Launches With A New Format!


Fresh Paint 11, the largest and most influential annual art and design event in Israel, will take place between May 30th and June 3rd, 2019.


The fair will be launched with a fresh, new format:  Fair and Gallery Weekend

In addition to the celebration of art and culture at Expo Tel Aviv,

a program of events and exhibitions will take place throughout Tel Aviv-Yafo,

providing a second platform to the annual art event.


The fair is supported by UBS, the world's largest wealth manager, and takes place in collaboration with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and Expo Tel Aviv.

The Fair – the Main Event:

From Thursday, May 30th to Monday, June 3rd2019, Fresh Paint returns once again to Expo Tel Aviv, presenting the fair’s well-loved sections alongside exciting additions, including the Independent Artists’ Greenhouse, Fresh Design, Mifal HaPais Design Greenhouse, a video and new media section, a thematic installation exhibition and projects for the community. This year will also see the launch of Fresh Paint Live – every day throughout the fair, between 17:00-20:00, Fresh Paint comes to life at several simultaneous locations, offering visitors extraordinary and exciting one-off experiences of live events and performances.


Gallery Weekend in Tel Aviv-Yafo - the Satellite Event:

From Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, clusters of exhibitions and projects will be presented by leading galleries in Tel Aviv, in collaboration with museums, alternative venues, hotels, boutiques, and restaurants, opening their doors for a weekend in celebration of art and design in Tel Aviv-Yafo.



Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv, established by Yifat Gurion and Sharon Tillinger in collaboration with the content and creative production company Faza, is the largest and most influential annual art event in Israel. The fair is a meeting place for art lovers, the general public, artists, designers, and art professionals, and provides an opportunity to purchase artworks by the finest contemporary artists.

Every year, Fresh Paint offers a snapshot of the dynamic art and design scenes in Israel.


The fair is supported by UBS, the world's largest wealth manager, and takes place in collaboration with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and Expo Tel Aviv.


Further to being Partner of Fresh Paint since 2013, UBS has been actively collecting contemporary art for more than sixty years, has one of the largest corporate art collections, and is one of the foremost sponsors of cultural organizations in the global contemporary art area, in accordance with the company’s long-held belief that the art of today provides inspiration and encourages innovative thinking.


Photos: Eyal Gaziel





In celebration of international women’s day, the Ambassador’s Club of Israel (ACI) hosted an event on March 3, in which Women of Valor Awards were given to two unique women. At the reception, held at the ZOA house in Tel Aviv, ambassadors and other diplomats and distinguished guests had time to exchange ideas and network.


The formal ceremony began with a few speeches. The opening remarks wer by the president of the Ambassador’s Club, Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan. Mr. Eldan opened the event by reminding us of the theme - think equal. Build smart, innovate for change. After Mr. Eldan, Oshra Friedman, the Deputy Director of the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women for the state of Israel, spoke about gender equality. She highlighted the fact, that although women and gender equality have a come a long way, there is still a long way to go. Women’s day, as she sees it, is a call to action for everyone.



Following Oshra Friedman, the Ambassador of Slovenia to Israel, H.E. Ms. Barbara Sušnik, addressed the audience. Ambassador Sušnik discussed gender equality in the aspect of action. In Slovenia, she explained, gender equality is a priority, and she sees that being true in Israel too.



Yudit Sidikman, the founder and CEO of El Halev, was the final speaker. Sidikman explained that El Halev is about taking action against sexual harassment. El Halev teaches children and adults, of all ages and gender, empowerment through self-defense. Yudit, who is a survivor of sexual harassment, told her inspiring story of a survivor to activist. She encouraged everyone in the room, women and men alike, to take action and call for change, to make our communities and safer place.


At last, after all the speeches, the Women of Valor Awards were awarded. The first was given to the Ambassador of Slovenia, H.E. Ms. Barbara Sušnik, for women’s empowerment and prevention of violence against women. The second award was given to Yehudit Sidikman, in recognition of promoting self-defense and empowerment.


International Women’s Day is held annually on March 8th, but in many countries, including Israel, there are events held during the entire week surrounding this date. Among the many distinguished guests who attended the Ambassador’s Club International Women’s Day celebration was the Ambassador of Guatemala, the Ambassador of Slovenia, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka, the Ambassador of Nepal and the Ambassador of Kazakhstan, along with many other diplomats.


Photos Credit: Itzik Kamilian

Ariella Rose  &  Ella Justus Segal are members of  DebateforPeace


Master Mentalist Lior Suchard  Special Guest Star at the Eurovision Final

Lior Suchard, the world’s top mentalist will perform a brilliant new act at the Eurovision Song Contest’s live final and Green Room. The act was created especially for Eurovision 2019 which this year will be hosted in Tel Aviv and broadcast by KAN, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.   

Lior Suchard is considered to be the world’s top Mentalist. His mind-blowing performances of thought influence, miraculous prediction, and startling mind reading have made him the most sought-after mentalist on the planet. He entertains audiences all over the world, which have brought him a list of fans stretching from A-list Hollywood celebrities to heads of state and illustrious businessmen.

Leaving live audiences in awe all around the globe, Lior Suchard performs at the professional conventions of top Fortune 500 companies and has featured on primetime television on numerous occasions. Among his other projects, Lior has become a mainstay on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, makes special appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden and collaborated with singer Barbra Streisand during her latest tour.

On March 4th, Lior Suchard will have his third appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, creating a special musical mind-reading act in acknowledgment of his arrival to the Eurovision Stage in his home country – Israel.


Keep updated on KAN’s Eurovision Twitter account (English): https://twitter.com/kaneurovision?lang=en

Lior Suchard’s official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/liorsuchard/?hl=en


Eurovision’s international online platforms:







Eurovision 2019 will be broadcast by KAN, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, on 14, 16 and 18 May. The Eurovision Song Contest will be held for the 64th time and for the first time in Tel Aviv with the participation of 42 countries under the slogan 'Dare To Dream'.

 Photo  Gabriel Baharlia