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.“From Victory Avenue to Hollywood” - Dov Hoenig at Romanian Café online series


The Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv is honored to invite you to a new edition of Romanian Cafe online series, which will take place online on January 19, 2021, at 17:00, in Hebrew, with live streaming on our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/icr.telaviv/

The event will be dedicated to the book launch of the Hebrew translation of the novel “Rue du Triomphe” by Dov Hoenig, renowned international film editor, director and writer. The book was published in Israel by Yedioth Books in December 2020.

The guests of the event, moderated by Martin Salamon – director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv, will be the author of the novel, Doe Hoenig, together with Keren Neizer-Cohen, literary critic, translator and lecturer.

Inspired by his own childhood and adolescence in Romania, “Rue du Triomphe” is the first novel by Dov Hoenig, who, during his internationally acclaimed career as film editor and director, has worked with some of the most talented cinema professionals, such as Michael Mann and Andrew Davies.

The novel “Rue du Triomphe” was written and first published in French in 2018 byEditions Robert Laffont in Paris and was candidate for the prestigious Stanislas award (Prix Stanislas) for the best debut novel.

In "Rue du Triomphe", Dov Hoenig paints with a brush of an artist Bernard's world in Bucharest, his youth, aroused sexuality, his first love, his ambitions and despairs, and his parents' experiences in Fălticeni, a province town in north eastern Romania, in the turmoil years of WWI, into an original and captivating novel that presents humanity in all its facades with generosity, softness and humor.

Dov Hoenig has made Aliya to Eretz Israel as part of the Ha'Shomer Hatzair youth movement. Following several years in a kibbutz working in agriculture, he was drawn to the young Israeli cinema industry and has become a film editor, editing over 40 films, including 

Israeli classics, such as "Cazablan" and "Operation Thunderbolt" ("Entebbe") by Menahem Golan, and "I love you Rosa", and "The House on Chelouchet Street" by Moshe Mizrahi. Hoenig later moved to Hollywood where he edited Michael Mann's films "Thief", "Man Hunter", "The Last of the Mohicans" and "Heat", as well as Andrew Davies' film "The Fugitive" – and became the first ever Israeli candidate to an Oscar award for editing “The Fugitive”.

At present, Hoenig is entirely dedicated to writing.







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.Historic event: The first Holocaust Museum to be inaugurated in Oporto, Portugal.


On January 20th the new Holocaust Museum (presentation here: https://youtu.be/eg2mio5GbAA) will start with a sentimental ceremony, opened by Dias Ben-Zion, President of the Jewish Community of Oporto, and by Rui Moreira, Oporto’s Mayor.

It will be attended by the ambassadors of the countries that participated in the Second World War and Israel, Karel Fracapane (UNESCO Focal Point for Holocaust Education), Ambassador Luíz Barreiros (Head of the Portuguese delegation to the IHRA – International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance), Marta Santos País, commissioner of the Projeto Nunca Esquecer - Programa Nacional em torno da Memória do Holocausto (Never Forget Project – National Programme for Remembrance of the Holocaust), the Bishop of Oporto and the President of the Muslim community of this city. The Government will be represented by the Secretary of State for Culture.

The Oporto Holocaust Museum was created by the Jewish Community of Oporto and portrays Jewish life before the Holocaust, Nazism, Nazi expansion in Europe, the Ghettos, refugees, concentration, labor and extermination camps, the Final Solution, the Death Marches, Liberation, the Jewish population in the post-war period, the Foundation of the State of Israel, Winning or dying of hunger, The Righteous among Nations.

On 27 January 27th, to celebrate the International Day in Memory of Holocaust Victims, the Museum will be visited by a large number of students from schools in the region of Porto.



Under the auspices of members of the Oporto Jewish community whose parents, grandparents, and relatives were victims of the Holocaust, the Oporto Holocaust Museum will develop cooperation partnerships with Holocaust museums in Moscow, Hong Kong, the United States, and Europe, contributing to a memory that cannot be erased.



Photos Courtesy:

the Jewish Community of Oporto






Winter Lights  the main attraction this winter 
A celebration of lights nature and food at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, Givat Ram 
From the 12th until the 31st of December 2020
Sunday-Thursday and Saturday between 17:00-21:00 
At the Botanical Garden in Givat Ram in Jerusalem
The Jerusalem University Botanical Garden, in collaboration with the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority is proud to present this magical, warm winter event.
During the month of December, starting on the 12th (the third candle of Hanukkah) until 31st, the botanical garden will become a European market full of lights, aromas, flavors and experiences.
The botanical garden, which is the largest in the Middle East, has prepared a special trail for the festival, which is about 700 meters long, covering an area of ​​14 dunams. Visitors will enjoy a breathtaking lighting display projected on to the trees, shrubs and lake. They will also meet with costumed actors who will be there to greet them and share the festivities. Roasted chestnuts, potatoes in sauces, French crepes, sausages, hot chocolate, hot tea, donuts and more, all according to the instructions of the purple note.
It should be noted that the University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram in Jerusalem opened its doors to the public in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and with the purple badge. The garden covers an area of ​​about 120 dunams, and can accommodate many hundreds of families at the same time whilst still observing the social distance guidelines of the Ministry of Health. The botanical garden has taken care of the disinfection of public areas and public services, the numbers of visitors are controlled and the safe conduct of the public during their visit is monitored, all in accordance to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Admission is subject to early registration on the Botanical Garden website.
The Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage, Rafi Peretz, said, "I am excited to be a partner in the reopening of the Botanical Garden, with the aim of bringing tourism back to Jerusalem – this has been one of the goals I have prioritized during this complex period. The opening of the botanical garden is a great opportunity to go out and spend time in the open air, in a safe and controlled way and enjoy the family. I call on the public to come to Jerusalem, to fall in love again with the landscapes, to strengthen the small businesses, all while maintaining the guidelines, and looking after our families and ourselves. "
The Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, stated that "the University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram will hold a spectacular winter event next month, full of lights, colors, sounds and smells, which deepen the connection to nature. The botanical garden is spread over a huge area of ​​tens of dunams. "Winter Lights at the Botanical Garden” is an event that suits the whole family and provides a fun and refreshing experience in a magical landscape full of colors and smells that you will only find in Jerusalem. I invite all residents of the country to come to the capital and enjoy the variety of experiences our city has to offer."
Visitors are required to follow these guidelines: Visitors will be asked to move around the garden while maintaining a distance between families and avoid crowds of over 20 people. Each visitor must wear a mask (exemptions only according to the applicable guidelines)
The University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram is a gem of nature in the heart of Jerusalem. The garden operates as an educational and research center and contains a diverse collection of plants from around the world in a geographical display. The kindergarten is a center for entertainment, tourism and cultural events as well as a center for education, training and research. This is the largest botanical garden in Israel, covering an area of ​​120 dunams, with the largest collection of living plants in Israel and the Middle East.
The garden grows more than 6,400 species and varieties of plants from around the world, displayed in six geographical plots (South Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, Southwest and Central Asia and the Mediterranean). The garden plots mimic the plant landscapes of each area and feature spectacular fall and flowering shows every year.
These days in the Asian part you can enjoy the wild ancestors of the fruit trees including pears and apples. Enjoy the flowers of the month, a variety of exciting autumn flowers, including saffron, egg yolks, daffodils and cyclamen. 
Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday and Saturday between 17: 00-21: 00. Last entry at 20:00
Entrance Fee:
 For an adult - 40 NIS.
 For a child (from age 5-12) 25 NIS.
 Soldier - 25 NIS.
 Children up to age 5- free.
 Botanical Garden Subscriptions: Free.
Admission is paid at the Gardens box office, subject to early registration on the website only. No entry will be allowed without prior reservation.
For more details: jerusalem University Botanical Garden. 02-6794012
and on the garden's website and Facebook page
 Photo  Silvia G. Golan



 Merry Christmas 2020 and 2021 New Year Greetings 


To honored members of the Israel Diplomatic corps and Embassy staff

members of the Government OfficesCulturalCommercial

and Industrial community in Israel

and to all our www.diplomacy.co.il  friends:


As 2021 approaches, we would like to extend our very warmest and best wishes

to you all for a joyous Christmas  and Holiday Season

and a Healthy Happy and Peaceful New Year


Silvia Golan      Daniel Schwarz

Steven Aiello   Stella Szpira   David Altman 

Jonathan Danilowitz  Pamela Hickman 

 & all the staff of www.diplomacy.co.il

Facebook : Diplomacy Israel  & Diplomacy Israel Community









Spanish Music Concert auspiced by the Embassy of Spain  Christmast eve, Thursday 24th of December

Greetings from the Embassy of Spain in Israel. we invite you to join us on Christmast eve, Thursday 24th of December, for a live online  concert "GIBRALTAR"  of Spanish Music offered by the fabulous Jerusalem Orchestra East & West. The music will be a mix of passionate flamenco, accompanied by the leading Israeli flamenco dancers Sharon Saguy and Keren Pessach and stirring beats of the Maghreb.


The concert will begin at 19.00 and can be viewed on the Facebook page of the Embassy of Spain in Israel:






Join our live broadcast! this Thursday - a special show by the Jerusalem Orchestra East & West, under the auspices of the Embassy of Spain in Israel, exclusively on our Facebook page -
A powerful combination of passionate Flamenco and the stirring beats of the Maghreb. Featuring world renowned artists – Benjamin Bouzaglo, Yehuda Shveiky and Spanish guitarist Fyty Carrillo, with leading Flamenco dancers Sharon Sagie & Keren Pesach.


Please feel free to share this announcement with anyone who may be interested.


Best Wishes and Merry Christmas,


Embassy of Spain in Tel Aviv