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New Weizmann Institute technology speeds up DNA “rewriting” and measures the effects of the changes in living cells

Our ability to “read” DNA has made tremendous progress in the past few decades, but the ability to understand and alter the genetic code, that is, to “rewrite” the DNA-encoded instructions, has lagged behind. A new Weizmann Institute study advances our understanding of the genetic code: It proposes a way of effectively introducing numerous carefully planned DNA segments into genomes of living cells and of testing the effects of these changes. The study is being reported in the June issues of Nature Biotechnology and Nature Genetics.

Until now, changing the DNA sequence has been a slow and labor-intensive process. It took several weeks to alter just one DNA region at a time; testing the effects of each of these changes took even longer. In the new study, Weizmann Institute scientists have developed a technology that makes it possible to simultaneously introduce tens of thousands of DNA regions into tens of thousands of living cells – each region in a separate cell – in a planned and systematic manner, and to measure the results of each such change with great precision and within a single experiment.

American Airlines announced a bold step to be among the first in the industry to offer the combination of fully lie-flat seats with all-aisle access, international Wi-Fi, and top of the line in-seat entertainment on its 777-200ERs and 777-300ERs. Today’s progress demonstrates the forward movement of the company’s business plan and ensures customers will fly onboard the most modern fleet. 
 American intends to update up to half of its existing 767-300ER aircraft.  Those aircraft that are part of the redesign will operate in the new configuration with fully lie-flat Business Class Seats and all-aisle access. The remaining 767-300ERs that are not redesigned will be retired over time.
To the Israeli customer American Airlines offers attractive fares from Tel Aviv to The USA in cooperation with feeders such as ELAL, British Airways and more.
American Airlines is represented by TAL Aviation, sole representative of leading Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas in Israel .

At the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv. May 15-17, 2012
Opening Hours
 May 15 – 16, 2012
Tuesday – Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00 hours
May 17, 2012Thursday 10:00 – 17:00 hours 

 Agritech Israel 2012:  www.agritech.org.il

haim-alushIn her effort to escape a worsening economic upheaval, Greece embraces whoever wills to invest in its markets. This is excellent news to Israeli businesses.

The International Mathematical Olympiad in Argentina WEIZMANN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE


The International Mathematical Olympiad in Argentina.

 Olympic Hope