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On Tuesday evening, March 9th, business leaders, members of the Israeli and international diplomatic corps, academics, and Israeli society figures gathered at the residence of Ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen, head of the EU Delegation to Israel, and his spouse Mrs. Jean Marie Murphy, to celebrate Europe Day. The 60th anniversary of the founding of the European Community was especially meaningful coming on the heels of critical national elections in France which ultimately bolstered support for European unity.

A tribute was held to the late Ninth President Shimon Peres at the start of the event, with attendees standing and applauding in his memory, as is customary in football stadiums around the world.

In memory of the late Ninth President Shimon Peres, the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation held the annual Mini Mondial for Peace today (9.5) in Herzliya. The event opened with three unique exhibition games, one featuring Ambassadors and diplomats from around the world playing against young Arab and Jewish, Israeli and Palestinian participants from the "Twinned Peace Sports Schools" program. Another exhibition match featured Israeli Premier League all-star football players, and the final match featured Mayors from across Israel.

 President Rivlin to foreign diplomats in relation to the UNESCO decision: “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Since the days of King David, there was no other reality. It is time to put an end to the absurd. It is time to recognize Jerusalem, as the official capital of the State of Israel. It is time to move all the official embassies here. To Jerusalem.”

Ambassadors to Israel, honorary consuls, and military attachés from around the world arrived at the President's Residence in Jerusalem this afternoon (Tuesday), hosted by President Reuven & First Lady Nechama Rivlin for a celebratory reception in honor of Israel's 69th Independence Day. The President welcomed the guests in the garden of the President's Residence, before both he and Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Benjamin Netanyahu, addressed the event.

) Sheraton Tel Aviv is partnering with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Israel and the Sri Lankan Tourism Bureau to celebrate Sri Lankan culinary and to promote Sri Lanka’s tourism. Festival highlights consists of special lunch and dinner prepared by renowned Chef Kamal Surendrajith and Chef Iyadurai Madasami, a cooking class to the public and a Sri Lankan market at the hotel lobby.

The festival will start May 7until May18, 2017. The main objective is showcasing Sri Lanka in Israel as an attractive destination for tourism, trade and investment as well promoting the diversity of the culture, food, arts and craft. A tourism booth and Sri Lanka market will be displayed at the Sheraton lobby at this period.


On Wednesday, March 22nd, the Bahai World Center celebrated Naw-Ruz (the New Year) with an evening designed to gracefully bridge the past, present and future. Diplomats, leading business and community leaders, and members of the Bahai community from across the globe were hosted by Bahai Representatives Mr. Joshua Lincoln ,Mr and Mrs Kern and Barbara Wisman and Mrs Sarah Vader at a festive event held at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. This special gathering provided an ideal forum to highlight Bahai values, Bahai-Israeli ties, and Bahai engagement with many other faith communities.

Guests first passed through a serene meditative space created by the artistic arrangement of greenery, colorful flowers, and earth-toned stones. We later learned that volunteers had been toiling since before daybreak to prepare this exquisite indoor mini-garden. The gentle sound of trickling water from a fountain in the center soothed and relaxed attendees as they approached the inviting main meeting area.