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Peru’s bicentennial celebrated at the Center of Art and Culture in Herzliya with gala party featuring traditional music and food


A historic celebration was held in Herzliya this week, as the Embassy of Peru in Israel marked the bicentennial--200 years of Peru’s independence. To celebrate the occasion, diplomats, civil society leaders, Peruvians living in Israel, and other friends of the embassy joined in a gala celebration at the TEO Center of Art and Culture in Herzliya, hosted by H.E. Mr. Carlos Chavez Taffur and his wife Mrs. Cynthia Hardman.


Ambassador Carlos Chavez-Taffur opened the evening with a note of gratitude for the measures taken by the government of Israel to protect the diplomatic community with vaccines, and that the Covid-19 situation has reached a point where such a celebration would be possible.


The ambassador noted the pivotal role of Peru in sparking freedom from colonialism in Latin America two centuries ago with the bold actions of national heroes like José de San Martín, and the impact on the region. The ambassador highlighted that foreign ministry of Peru has been active for nearly as long, founded less than a week after Peru’s initial declaration of independence in 1821. 



The future brings both challenges and opportunities, and Ambassador Chavez once again thanked Israel for sharing best practices regarding Covid-19 vaccination, stressing that Peru has now applied “almost 12 million doses, with 4.5 million people already fully vaccinated. The outgoing government has acquired almost 90 million doses, which means that the vaccination of the entire Peruvian population has been ensured.”


Among the many examples of the strong and multifaceted ties between Israel and Peru, the ambassador mentioned the VI Peru-Israel Political Consultation Mechanism held virtually this year, as well as progress on numerous bilateral agreements including the Air Services Agreement, the Agreement on Security and Internal Order, the Agreement on Judicial Assistance, and the Agreement on Disaster Risk Management, academic and technological cooperation by universities and private businesses, and security coordination, such as the joint counterterrorism training program held this year in Lima with the Peruvian Army, and joint training in military epidemiological best practices.


In closing, the ambassador focused on the Peruvian expatriate community in Israel and their role in promoting relations between the two countries. In particular, he lauded the appointment of Dr. Judy Moriano as Peru’s Honorary Consul in Ramla. Dr. Moriano, who is the first foreign consular agent in the city of Ramla, will help provide services to the central and southern districts of Israel. With both Israel and Peru enjoying newly installed governments, the ambassador expressed optimism that the strong bilateral relations between the countries would only increase, as new avenues for cooperation are explored.


Israel’s Minister of Communications, Yoaz Hendel, spoke on behalf of the government of Israel. Minister Hendel began his remarks with several sentences of Spanish before switching to English. Noting that the Israeli connection to Peru dates back to Peru’s initial support for the creation of Israel under UNSCOP, the minister highlighted the long partnership under the auspices of the Mashav program, through which thousands of Peruvians received high quality technological training in Israel which they were then able to implement back in Peru.


Noting further that Peru is one of the founding members of the Pacific Alliance, Minister Hendel shared Israel’s pride in acting as an observer in the alliance, and aspirations to upgrade to being an "associated country" going forward.


Remarking on shared “fundamental values of democracy and the defense of human rights alongside a determined and unrelenting rejection of, and fight against, terrorism”, the minister also expressed Israel’s support for Peru's stance with regard to the situation in Venezuela, the "Lima Group" efforts directed at the harsh humanitarian situation in Venezuela. In closing, Minister Hendel offered the traditional Salud greetings and a toast was raised to health and prosperity in both countries.


Guests then enjoyed the celebration, with Peruvian cuisine, drinks and music.  There was no lack of the traditional Pisco sour and chilcano cocktails, nor the Ceviche. The celebration was held in a unique outdoor space within the Center of Art and Culture, decorated with red and white floral arrangements in Peru’s national colors. Throughout the evening traditional Peruvian delicacies were enjoyed, while Peruvian music played. Scenic images highlighting Peru’s natural beauty were projected onto a wall, bringing the tastes, sounds and sights of Peru to Israel for this unique celebration.


Among the many distinguished guests in attendance were H.E. Mr. Gil Haskel, Chief of State Protocol at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Moshe Fadlon, Mayor of the city of Herzliya; Minister of Communications Yoaz Hendel; Ambassador Modi Ephraim, head of the Latin American and Caribbean desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Nadav Tamir, Director of International Affairs of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation; Monsignor Tomasz Grysa from the Apostolic Nunciature representing the Holy See in Israel; Father Armando Medina Vargas Domus Galilaece, Vice Director of the Monastery Korazin; Samuel Yecutieli,  Representative of Venezuela in Israel; Prof. Ruth Fine  Director of The Hebrew University of jerusalem - Faculty of Humanities - Department of Spanish and Latin America Studies; Patricia Ashkenazi Darwish representative of the IWO  International Women Club - Spanish Committee;  Itsik Kamilian, CEO of the Ambassadors Club; Gabriel Hayon- President of The Diplomatic Institute; Alberto Blank, Corporate Regional Director at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems; Karin Chen from the Israel Export Institute, Roni Kaplan, former IDF spokesperson in spanish , Gil Sztejman Member of the Beer Sheva City Council and wife, and many foreign Ambassadors, militars and business leaders.


The Staff of www.diplomacy.co.il  congratulates the government, people, and Embassy of Peru on the occasion of the historic bicentenial. 


Steven Aiello




Photos by Silvia Golan

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On July 20, 2021, Her Excellency,Ambassador  of The Republic of Colombia to the State of IsraelMargarita E. Manjarrez Herrera, hosted in her exquisite new home in Kfar Shmaryahu the celebration of Colombia's 211th Independence Day. 
At the residence, decorated by posters and flags, and around the blue pool overlooking a green valley, the event was a festive salutation to the history, culture, music, dance and food of Colombia, in conjunction with the solid friendship between the two countries: Colombia and Israel.
The guests were greeted by the traditional row of dignitaries headed by the Ambassador and military officers, while live piano music filled the air with relaxing and cheerful melodies.
Colombian coffee was served to the arriving guests.
The official segment of the evening opened with the national anthem of Colombia, followed by the Hatikva - the Israeli national anthem.
 Ambassador  Margarita Manjarrez  welcomed the guests. In her speech, she told the story of the Llorente Vase that symbolizes the inception of the Republic of Colombia 211 years ago, when changing forces and events in Europe made it possible. The Ambassador listed some facts about COVID-19 in South America, near and in Colombia, where the pandemic hit hard, creating a combined health and economic crisis. Nevertheless, Colombia, headed by president Iván Duque, generously accepted two million refugees from Venezuela.
The cooperation with Israel and study of Israeli health and old-age programs has been thriving in Israel, with Colombian delegations present in Israel. In the activities to disseminate the Colombian culture, Colombia Symphony and Israel Symphony orchestras are having a fruitful dialog. Also in sports, language, environment and architecture, the cultural exchange continues.
Technology and commerce are also items of exchange, cross-pollination and synergy between the two countries. Special events were held by the Colombian contingency in Israel, such as a presentation of the incredibly rich flora and fauna of Colombia to Israeli children. The Ambassador also mentioned the Colombian military troops serving in the Sinai Peninsula, as a peace force maintaining the agreement between Israel and Egypt. In closing, the Ambassador told the story of the Jewish community in Colombia: "The Jewish people have been part of life in Colombia, and with approximately  6,000 Jews currently residing in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla and Santa  Marta whose ancestors came from countries such as Russia, Lithuania,  Romania, Syria, and Poland. And in turn, many Colombians have made Israel their home".
Minister Oded Forer addressed the audience on behalf of the government of Israel with a  heartfelt speech. He spoke about the first fruitful phone call between President Duque and Prime Minister Bennett in which they discussed the recently signed Free Trade Agreement between the two countries, the importance of Colombia’s Innovation Office in Jerusalem soon to open and the cooperation in the struggle against covid-19.
With regard to the pandemic, the minister said "I want to express our condolences to the Colombian government and people for your human losses during this horrific period". The minister offered cooperation on the matter, stating that "Colombia is both a friend and an ally, and we would be happy to join forces in trying to cope with this common enemy". 
The Minister pointed out that the Free Trade Agreement is the only one of this kind signed by President Duque. Also in his speech, Minister Forer  pointed the significance of him being the Minister of Agriculture and the potential for cooperation in innovations related to growing food. A special point that the Minister highlighted is "the positive change in the Colombia’s voting pattern concerning Palestinian issues in the U.N.".  The speech ended with raising a glass, celebrating the warm relations between the two countries.
The entertainment and food and wine were constant and generouss, catered by Mabel JaittAn endless stream of Colombian delicious hors-d'oeuvres, mini-sandwiches and empanadas constituted a full hefty meal, served with various wines.  A spectacular performance by  MAX Dance Group in carnival-style costumes captivated everyone's attention and hearts, with two children part of the dance company.
The Colombian Cumbia and Salsa music, enhanced by live singer David Leon, swept the Ambassador with many guests onto the dance floor for hours, till the end of the joyous evening
Among the distinguished guests were Oded Forer, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Minister for the development of the Periphery, the Negev and the Galilee, Modi Ephraim, head of the Latin American and Caribbean desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassador’s Club;  Haim Aaron Honorary Consul of Colombia in Israel; Members of the UPC organization, Tzachi Braverman , 
MonsignorTomasz Grysa from the Apostolic Nunciature representing the Holy See in IsraelYona Bartal, Executive Director of the Peres Circle at the Peres Center for Peace and InnovationShmulik BassDirector of South America Ministry of Foreign AffairsAmit Titelman CEO Israel-Latin America Chamber of Commerce, Dotan Smith - Administration of Border Crossings, Population and ImmigrationDaneil Werner of Foreign Contact and Cooperation at Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, Amir Yehezkeli,
Consular Liaison, Roni Kaplan  former IDF spokesperson in spanishMatias and Yuliana Schapiro -  prominent business entrepreneur and many foreign Ambassadors and business leaders.
The Staff of www.diplomacy.co.il  congratulates the government, people, and Embassy of Colombia on the occasion of his National Day
Photos by Silvia Golan
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Embassy of Slovenia Celebrates National Day in Style at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

The Embassy of Slovenia held its national day celebration at the inimitable Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan on Thursday. The celebration commemorated 30 years of Slovenian independence, as well as the upcoming presidency of the Council of the European Union. In honor of the event, a special exhibition, “The Future of Living” was displayed, highlighting innovation, environmentalism, and Israeli-Slovenian cooperation.

The anthems of Slovenia, the European Union, and Israel were played by a band, and then Ambassador Andreja Purkart Martinez welcomed the guests. The ambassador recalled her memories as a law student during when Slovenia gained independence. Noting that Israeli-Slovenian cooperation predates Slovenian independence, Ambassador Martinez highlighted specifically trade, education, science and research, tourism, and innovation and artificial intelligence. She thanked honorary consuls Adi Rosenfeld and Eival Gilady for their dedication to strengthening Israeli-Slovenian relations.

Ambassador Martinez also discussed the significance of Slovenia assuming the European Union presidency for the first time since 2008, noting that while Slovenia joined the EU in 2004, becoming a member had been a goal for Slovenia since independence. Among Slovenia’s focal points as incoming president will be pandemic preparedness, economic recovery, environmentalism, in line with Slovenia’s motto of “green, smart, creative.”

Minister of Regional Cooperation Esawi Frej addressed the audience on behalf of the government of Israel, and offered warm congratulations to Slovenia. Minister Frej pointed out that while geographically the largely desert Israel and green Slovenia are quite different, they have core values in common, like democratic principles of freedom. From sports and culture to academics to trade, the minister listed a wide range of areas where cooperation between the two nations is thriving. In particular, the Port of Koper is a transit hub for Israeli goods to enter the European market. Moreover, Israeli tourism to Slovenia has been on the rise, which the minister noted was not surprising given the natural beauty of Slovenia and its value as a tourist destination. 

Both Ambassador Martinez and Minister Frej highlighted Prime Minister Janez Janša’s visit to Israel last year as important for advancing bilateral relations. Minister Frej expressed his hope that an Israeli embassy in Ljubljana would be opened soon. In closing he thanked Slovenia for its support for Israel during both prosperous and challenging times, and noted the importance for Jewish and Arab Israelis and Palestinians to be able to live in peace and security in the region. 


Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, the President of Shenkar College, also took the podium to congratulate Slovenia on its national day. Professor Rafaeli addressed the shared interests of creativity and sustainability. He pointed out that as small countries, both Slovenia and Israel aspire for greatness, and the exhibition highlighted the ingenuity and innovation emphasized in Shenkar. Noting that the land Shenkar college is on began as a swamp which was turned into an orange grove, then an IDF headquarter, then a high school, then a textile industry college, and eventually into the current Shenkar College for Engineering and Design, which is now half a century old. Reflecting on his own experiences partnering with Israeli and Slovenian academics, Professor Rafaeli noted the potential for synergy in collaborating to promote creativity, innovation and sustainability.

“The Future of Living” exhibition is composed of sustainable design artwork from Slovenia for lifestyle and leisure, showcasing the need to use local resources and focus on minimalism as a way to ensure continued prosperity into the future. After the speeches, guests were able to enjoy the exhibition at their own pace.

Among the distinguished guests in attendance were Professor Dan Shechtman, Nobel laureate in Chemistry; Minister of Regional Cooperation Esawi Frej, President of Shenkar College Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, H.E. Mr. Gil Haskel, Chief of State Protocol at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Eyal Sela, Ambassador of Israel to Slovenia; Honorary Consul Adi Rosenfeld, Honorary Consul Eival Gilady, Chairman of the Western Galilee College; Tzachi Braverman, Adi Barouh: Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassador’s Club; Members of the UPC organization; Stanley Morais, El Al Acting Director of International Affairs; Eli Hazan Director of International Relations, Likud Party, and many foreign Ambassadors and business leaders.

The Staff of www.diplomacy.co.il  congratulates the government, people, and Embassy of Slovenia on the occasion of their National Day, 30 years of independence, and the upcoming EU Presidency.

 Steven Aiello

 Photos Silvia Golan 

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The long awaited Europe Day celebration was held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as art, collaboration, and the perseverance of human spirit took center stage.


The ceremony began with a video presentation highlighting European Union achievements in overcoming the challenges of Covid-19. Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret then began his remarks with greetings in Hebrew and Arabic, to applause from the guests. Ambassador Giaufret noted that the 12 million vaccines produced in the EU that have been administered in Israel have sparked Israel’s emergence from the shadow of Covid-19. In European Union countries he noted, 1/3d of adults have now been vaccinated. 


As the situation stabilizes, Europe is now pivoting to economic recovery, and Ambassador Giaufret emphasized that this would take the form of sustainable, environmentally friendly economic progress, as the EU Green Deal aims for climate neutrality by 2050. The EU and Israeli economies are themselves intertwined, with 34% of imports to Israel coming from the EU and 22% of exports headed there. Among the many other areas of cooperation between the countries, the ambassador noted tourism, education, and transportation, where there is shared interest in safer and cleaner seas, and the Open Skies agreement nearly doubled tourism levels.


The EU mission works with the national government, local municipalities, and civil society representatives, and Ambassador Giaufret gave a special thank you to the NGOs represented at the celebration, for their contributions to Israeli society. In the fields of research and innovation, this year marks 25 years of Israeli-EU collaboration, including 1.36 billion Euros allocated to Israeli-based projects through the Horizon2020 program.



Turning to security, the ambassador stressed the EU’s commitment to Israel’s right to self-defense, with a clear condemnation from the EU towards Hamas and other militant groups for attacking Israel. Moreover, the EU would now be implementing its first strategic plan on combatting anti-semitism.


Reflecting on the 1950 Schuman declaration which led to the creation of the EU, the ambassador explained that it sparked a revolution turning “battlefields into negotiating tables, and misery into prosperity”. Israelis and Palestinians, he noted, could also undergo such a transformation, and recent peace deals with Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan and the UAE give further credence to the potential in such peace, with full support from the EU. 


As the ambassador is concluding his four year tenure in Israel, he gave a heartfelt goodbye and thanked his staff at the EU mission, as well as colleagues and friends in Israel. Ambassador Giaufret revealed that one of his children was actually born at Sheba hospital during a prior assignment in Israel, and promised that the country would always have a special place in his heart. 


Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli spoke on behalf of the government of Israel. Congratulating the EU mission, she stated that the European Union itself is the greatest achievement of human peace and prosperity in history. The post-World War II transformation from manufacturing weapons into manufacturing life was nothing short of a miracle, said Minister Michaeli, and it serves as an inspiration and hope for Israelis and Palestinians. It presents a path of peace and prosperity that Israel and its neighbors must aspire to, the minister said. 


Pointing out that a new Israeli government means a new direction for the country, she stressed that there would be opportunities for increased Israeli-EU cooperation, and that the government of Israel is dedicated to that goal. Concluding her remarks, she stressed the importance of addressing anti-semitism, and applauded the EU decision on that front. The anthems of the EU and Israel were then played, and a toast raised to the success of the EU and EU-Israeli cooperation.


Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed refreshments in the museum’s garden, with EU flags and floral arrangements decorating the garden and the interior of the museum. In addition, guests were invited to see “Towards a New Community”, a video art installation from top European and Israeli artists that has been displayed in Eilat, Haifa, and now Tel Aviv, on display at the Museum of Art. ”


Among the many distinguished guests were Merav Michaeli, Minister of Transportation; H.E. Mr. Gil Haskel, Chief of State Protocol at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Nathalie Mimoun, Honorary Consul of France; Gad Propper, Honorary Consul of New Zealand; Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassador’s Club; Dan Catarivas, Director General – Foreign Trade and International Relations at the Manufacturers Association of Israel; Nadav Tamir Director of International Affairs of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation; Rav Menahem ShemTov, chairman of the Rabbis Committee for Inter-Religious Dialogue on behalf of the United Nations (UN), Khadra Alsanah from the Sidreh association, and many more.


The diplomatic portal in Israel, www.diplomacy.co.il, congratulates the EU mission and thanks Ambassador Giaufret for his work promoting Israeli-EU relations

Steven Aiello

 Photos by Silvia G. Golan 

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 Photo: President Rivlin with Ambassador of Canada H.E. Mrs. Lisa Anne Stadelbauer 


For the last time in his presidency, President Rivlin received diplomatic credentials from the incoming ambassadors of Chile, Canada and Nigeria

For the last time in his presidency, President of Israel Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin today, Monday 21 June / 11 Tammuz, received diplomatic credentials from the incoming ambassadors of Chile, Canada and Nigeria in an official ceremony at Beit HaNasi. Over the seven years of his presidency, he has received letters of credence from 173 new ambassadors representing countries around the world.

During the ceremony, the IDF Band played the national anthems of both nations, and the ambassadors reviewed an IDF honor guard. After presenting their credentials to the president, each ambassador signed the Beit HaNasi visitors’ book.



  Photo: President Rivlin with Ambassador of Chile H.E. Mr. Jorge A. Carvajal San Martin


The first to present his credentials to the president was Ambassador Jorge A. Carvajal San Martin of Chile. The president said, ”We are worried about Iranian activity in Latin America, including in Chile. The Iranians are trying to increase their presence here in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean. We are also concerned about rising antisemitism, and are sure that your regional expertise will help you in your mission here.”

Ambassador Lisa Anne Stadelbauer of Canada arrived next, presenting her letters of credence to the president. He expressed his deep appreciation for Canada’s support for Israel and the steps its has taken to fight antisemitism, saying, “We would like to thank Canada for its support of Israel in the international arena. We have heard about recent antisemitic incidents in Canada, and we appreciate Canada’s commitment to combat antisemitism. The appointment of a special envoy on the subject, Prof. Irwin Cotler, is evidence of that commitment.



 Photo: President Rivlin with Ambassador of Nigeria H.E. Mr. Nart Augustine Kolo


The last ambassador to visit Beit HaNasi was Nart Augustine Kolo of Nigeria. The president spoke of the special relationship between Israel and Africa and his wish to extend them. “The ties between Israel and Africa stretch over centuries. We are working to deepen our strategic relationship with Africa, including restoring Israel’s observer status at the African Union. This is a shared interest that could bring great advantages to the State of Israel and to African states.”

The ambassador thanked the president and noted that it was a great honor for him to be the last ambassador to present his credentials to the president.

Photo credits: Mark Neyman (GPO)