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The Embassy of Switzerland in Israel celebrated 70 years of great diplomatic friendship in a VIP event for officials at Pastel Restaurant in Tel Aviv.

H.E. Jean-Daniel Ruch, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Israel; Andreas Guth, chairman of Dreyfus Söhne & Cie, Banquiers- Swiss Private bank; Ofer Kiesh, CEO of Lufthansa Airline company; Gad Proper, Chairman of the Israel-EU Chamber of Commerce : government members, businessmen, journalists, and others participated as well. The national day for Switzerland also featured events open to the public next to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where Swiss traditions, culture, and costumes were shared with the Israeli public.

The Swiss Ambassador Jean-Daniel Ruch addressed those that attended the event, stating that Switzerland celebrates “70 years of friendship, partnership, and striving relationship in all fields: cultural, economic, and innovation”. He added that it is also “an occasion to celebrate two cities: Basel and Tel Aviv, two cities that help change the world”. The Ambassador also praised the generous efforts of those who aim to forge the relationships between Israel and Switzerland by their contributions. These included Andreas Guth, chairman of Dreyfus Söhne & Cie, Banquiers- Swiss Private bank; Gideon Hamburger, the president of  Harel Insurance and Finance Group; Ofer Kiesh, CEO of Lufthansa Airline Company; Richard Wherlock, and those in charge of the ballet performance that evening. Richard Wherlock, from the cultural field of Switzerland, stated that it is a privilege to “make things from the impossible into possible” and to share with Israel “love, passion, honesty, and sincerity”.  


The warm atmosphere of the VIP event paved the way for other members to share points of view in different fields such as politics, technology, culture, and economic purposes.  Both sides, Israeli and Swiss officials, shared their knowledge and their passion to further develop the relations between the two nations.



As for the public event, Israelis flooded in for Swiss cultural music, performances, and food.
The Swiss carnival was an outstanding performance that caught the public's attention. The Embassy of Switzerland gave away many gifts for the public. This joyful and rich event turned all the evening into an outstanding experience for both nations.


Happy Swiss National Day from www.diplomacy.co.il  Staff !!!!!

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The Embassy of Nepal in Israel celebrated four years of the new Constitution of Nepal at the Herods Hotel in Tel Aviv, with traditional clothing, cuisine and artifacts.

After hearing the Nepali and Israeli anthems, the Nepali ambassador Dr. Anjan Shakya began her opening speech. She started by explaining how happy she is to be representing Nepal in Israel, thanks to the friendly attitude of people in Israel. The ambassador also praised Israeli democracy following the latest elections. Ambassador Shakya mentioned some interesting points about the history of Israeli-Nepali relations, such as the fact that Nepal was the first country in south Asia to recognize Israel. The ambassador noted that those relations have now existed for 60 years. 

Dr. Shakya thanked the Israeli government and Mashav's assistance in training and educating Nepali students and therefore strengthening different sectors of the country. The newly introduced techniques, methods and technologies contribute to Nepal by boosting the agriculture and production. Later on, the ambassador emphasized how progressive Nepal's constitution is. She explained how it addresses ethnic diversity and promotes gender balance. Thanks to legislation, around 40% of the members of the parliament are women and the president and vice president of Nepal should represent different communities of Nepali society. 

Ambassador Shakya added that Nepal HAS marked the year 2020 as "Visit Nepal Year"- the Nepali government will put extra effort in enhancing tourism in Nepal in order to reach the 2 million tourists mark. Tourism is growing and successfully boosting the Nepali economy according to the ambassador, by contributing 7.9% to the national GDP. Dr. Shakya finished her remarks by noting the vast tourism possibilities in Nepal.



Gilad Cohen., deputy director general for Asia and the Pacific in the Foreign Ministry , spoke next. Mr. Cohen. started by recalling the history of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Israel. From the first visit of Prime Minister B. P. Koirala in Israel who met Israel's first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, to the terrible earthquake that occurred in April 2015 when an Israeli delegation consisting of hundreds of professionals assisted the Nepalese authorities in their rescue operations and medical needs. 

Gilad Cohen then explained MASHAV's contribution to the people of Nepal by noting the passage of knowledge through courses in Israel and abroad. He praised the "Learn and Earn" agricultural training program for successfully training 3000 students in farming technology. These students then returned to Nepal with knowledge and experience that has "opened for them a world of entrepreneurial opportunities that will guarantee progress and modernizations of the farming community in Nepal”. According to the ambassador, this will improve the agriculture-based economy of Nepal.Mr. Cohen finished by thanking the government of Nepal for sending troops to UN peacekeeping forces UNIFIL and UNDOF to ensure stability in the region.



www.diplomacy.co.il  congratulates the embassy of Nepal on this important day.


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The sights, sounds, and flavors of Central America were brought to Tel Aviv on September 12th, 2019, when the Central American embassies of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras celebrated 198 years of independence at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

 Each country had a stand adorned with flags, flowers, and other items representing the country, along with brochures offering more information. Embassy representatives were on hand to explain more about the country. There was also an exhibition of paintings to enjoy, as well as typical Latin American cuisine to taste.


After guests received by all four ambassadors and enjoyed the opening reception, the official ceremony commenced with the playing of the national anthems of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Israel. Each ambassador sang his own country’s anthem, but the Ambassador of Guatemala delighted the audience by singing the national anthem of Israel in Hebrew. The master of ceremonies, Emma Maor, opened the evening by calling up the ambassadors, together with former Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel.



On behalf of the Ambassadors of Central America, H.E Mario E. Castillo, the ambassador of Honduras, welcomed and thanked all the guests on this historic occasion. The ambassador mentioned the importance of the values of “courtesy, tolerance, and understanding” in the region, and how democracy has led to political, economic, and social development. He noted the success of agriculture, including world-renowned coffee, and tourism, and also emphasized the importance of looking forward to future opportunities for growth and cooperation.


Ambassador Castillo mentioned the Central American Integration System (SICA) which has facilitated trade between the member countries and promoted regional growth, along with the 17th Meeting of Heads of State and Government of the Dialogue and Concerting Mechanism, and the first Mesoamerican Business Meeting, held in Honduras; with the participation of nine regional countries. This meeting was a farther step in advancing “inclusive and sustainable economic growth”, as well as “logistical mobility and commercial facilitation, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In concluding his remarks, the ambassador thanked Kerem Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL), the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Mashav, and Gina art gallery, and wished everyone a happy Jewish New Year.


 Former Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel spoke on behalf of the government of Israel, emphasizing the deep and historic bonds between Central America and the Jewish people. Mr. Ariel noted the shared values, as well as vibrant cooperation between Israel and the Central American countries, in finding solutions to challenges ranging from climate change and resource depletion; global food security to technological threats and border defense. He finished his remarks with a toast to a future of peace, security, and prosperity for Central America.



 Hernán Feldman, Vice President of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL)-Jewish National Fund, also addressed the audience. Mr. Felman noted the successful partnership between the KKL and Central American countries on agricultural issues and expressed pride in the status of the KKL as one of the NGOs recognized by the United Nations for its work on the international scale.


Following the speeches, a toast was held for the independence and success of Central America, and continued bilateral relations with Israel. A video showed the beautiful sights of the four countries, and guests enjoyed live music and a wonderful dinner with traditional cuisine from Central America.


Among the distinguished guests were: Chief of State Protocol in the Israeli Foreign Ministry Meron Reuben; Modi Ephraim, head of the Latin American and Caribbean desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; David Cohen former Ambassador of Israel to El Salvador; Deputy Chairman of the Jewish National Fund and former Member of the Knesset Yigal Yasinov, and the Honorary consul of Costa Rica, Nathan Allalouf, and his wife, the owners of owner of Allalouf & Co. Shipping Ltd.


Diplomacy.co.il congratulates the embassies of Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatemala and Honduras, and offers best wishes on the momentous occasion.


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Mexico Comes to Tel Aviv with Mexican Embassy Celebration at the Tel Aviv Municipality

On Monday September 16th, Tel Aviv municipality was transported to Latin America, with the annual Mexican Independence Day Festival. The Mexican Embassy in Israel celebrated 199 years of independence, with Mexican music, cuisine, and decor in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Guests entering the municipality building were immediately greeted with decorations in the Mexican colors, as they waited to congratulate the ambassador, H.E. Mr. Pablo Macedo. The finest imported Mexican beverages were served, along with Mexican delicacies prepared specially by the embassy. Mexican handcrafted clothing were on display as well.


Ambassador Macedo thanked the many sponsors of the event, and the municipality of Tel Aviv for helping with the event, and promised guests that together they had “brought Mexico to the heart of Tel Aviv.” The ambassador noted the importance of disruptive networks in contemporary business, and the role of the Mexican-Israeli community in connecting Mexico and Israel. He thanked all those who help to strengthen the ties between the two nations.

The real treat came when Ambassador Macedo himself led the traditional independence day reenactment, with guests chanting “Viva” after each stanza. A band then played the anthems of Mexico and Israel. The Mariachis band, with musicians wearing traditional clothing, then played lively Mexican songs, to a very enthusiastic audience. Ambassador Macedo delighted the guests by staying on stage and leading the singing of several songs.

 Diplomacy.co.il congratulates the Embassy of Mexico on its Independence Day!


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Photos by Silvia G. Golan


 President Rivlin with Ambassador of France H.E. Mr. Eric Danon


President Rivlin received diplomatic credentials from the new ambassadors of France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Georgia and Slovenia as they began their terms as ambassadors of their countries to Israel


President Rivlin to all the ambassadors:

“I look forward to welcoming you here in January for the ceremony marking 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Your presence will strengthen the important bilateral relations between our countries and is an important part of the fight against anti-Semitism.”

President Rivlin to the French ambassador:

“In recent weeks we have seen evidence of growing Iranian activity in Syria and Lebanon. Lebanon bears sovereign responsibility for all Hezbollah action. We say clearly to the Lebanese government and its allies around the world: Hezbollah’s aggression must be stopped before we find ourselves dragged into a conflict that neither Lebanon nor Israel want. Israel will not tolerate threats to the safety of its citizens.”

New ambassadors from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Georgia, France and Slovenia today, Thursday 12 September / 12 Elul, presented diplomatic credentials to President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin as they took up their posts as ambassadors of their countries to Israel, in an official ceremony at Beit HaNasi. Upon arrival, the national anthem of the ambassadors’ home country was played the Israel Police Band and they then reviewed an IDF honor guard. After presenting their credentials, the ambassadors had an audience with the president, at the end of which they each signed the Beit HaNasi guest book. ‘Hatikva’ was played at the end of each ceremony.


President Rivlin with Ambassador of  Lithuania H.E. Mrs. Lina  Antanavičienė

The first to present her credentials to the president was the new Lithuanian ambassador, Lina  Antanavičienė. The president began his remarks by sending his best wishes for a swift recovery to the Prime Minister of Lithuania. He expressed his appreciation for the way Lithuania teaches and commemorates the Holocaust and our shared history. “I see remembering the past as one of the most important elements of my posting, as well as concentrating on the future,” the ambassador said.



President Rivlin with Ambassador of  the Netherlands to Israel H.E. Mr. Hans Docter


The new ambassador of the Netherlands to Israel, Hans Docter, was next to present his credentials to the president. The president began by saying, "We are currently marking 70 years of relations between our two countries. Yesterday, our new ambassador presented his credentials to King Willem-Alexander and today you are here to do the same thing.” The president noted the excellent relations between the two countries, based on a long shared history that stretches back to Jewish immigrants to Holland following their expulsion from Spain in the late 15th Century, and during the Holocaust when Anne Frank became a symbol of Dutch Jewry.  

Ambassador Docter said, “We are two small, innovative and entrepreneurial nations and together we can work to make the world a better place.”



President Rivlin with Ambassador of  Georgia H.E. Mr. Lasha Zhvania


Ambassador of Georgia Lasha Zhvania then presented his credentials to the president, speaking fluent Hebrew. This is the second time he serves as his country’s ambassador to Israel. In his remarks the president spoke about the warm hospitality he I received on his visit to Tbilisi two years ago. He also said, “we are both quite small countries, but the relations between us are big, deep and significant. We must deepen and expand the economic relations between our countries and do more together in the field of agriculture."

Ambassador Zhvania thanked the president for his warm welcome and said, “My agenda here is to further deepen our excellent relations, and I hope that my president will visit here soon.”

The president then received the credentials of the new French ambassador, Eric Danon, who was accompanied by his wife and 14-year-old son. The president spoke about his state visit to Paris in January. "I hold special memories of my visit along with my dear late wife Nehama, and of the warm hospitality shown by President Macron and the first lady and send them both my warmest regards. We are marking 70 years of diplomatic relations between our countries, and have always resolved any disagreements that have arisen, as old friends are able to do.”

“We appreciate France’s efforts for regional security,” said the president and continued, “but in recent weeks we have seen evidence of growing Iranian activity in Syria and Lebanon. Lebanon bears sovereign responsibility for all Hezbollah action. We say clearly to the Lebanese government and its allies around the world: Hezbollah’s aggression must be stopped before we find ourselves dragged into a conflict that neither Lebanon nor Israel want. Israel will not tolerate threats to the safety of its citizens. With the Iranians, Hizbollah is building factories to produce missiles to fire on Israel and that is something that Israel cannot afford. The government of Lebanon cannot make excuses that it is not their responsibility. Hizbollah is part of Lebanon, part of the government of Lebanon, part of the people of Lebanon.”

The French ambassador thanked the President for his warm welcome and said, "France tries to improve the situation in the region and bring stability and security to all its inhabitants. Let me assure you that I am here to help in all aspects of our bilateral relations, to maintain the excellent relations between the countries, with particular attention to the security of the State of Israel.”



 President Rivlin with Ambassador of Slovenia  H.E. Mrs. Andreja Purkrat Martinez

Finally, Ambassador Andreja Purkrat Martinez of Slovenia, accompanied by her daughter, presented her credentials. The president greeted them and thanked the president of Slovenia for accepting his invitation to participate in the event marking the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. He also noted the good relations between the countries and the wide range of areas where they can cooperate, adding he would be happy to see even more Slovenian tourists visiting Israel. Referring to Slovenia’s membership of the UNESCO Executive Board, the president stressed that on the question of Jerusalem, decisions based on political considerations cannot ignore historical facts.

The ambassador thanked the president for his remarks, saying, “As soon as I arrived here, I felt at home, even though this is my first time in Israel. It is an honor to be my country’s ambassador here, and for this to be my first posting as ambassador. We see great importance in developing the relations between the countries and peoples, and I will be working towards those goals.”

Photo credits: Mark Neiman (GPO)