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On Tuesday, June 11, the Embassy of the Philippines in Israel celebrated its Independence Day. Dignitaries, community members and those with ties to the Philippines joined the celebration held at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv, overlooking the sea.

H.E. Ambassador Neal Imperial opened his remarks by expressing condolences upon the passing of Nehama Rivlin, the wife of the president of Israel, Reuven Rivlin. The ambassador said “Nakikiramay po kami”, explaining that the phrase meant “we grieve with you and we will keep her in our prayers.”

The ambassador mentioned that in his fifth year as ambassador, he was able to appreciate some of the long-term projects and initiatives were undertaken between the two nations, as well as benefit from more meaningful relationships with Israeli peers.

Ambassador Imperial cited the historic visit by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte last year, the first by a sitting president of the Philippines, as a sign of the unprecedented ties between the two countries. He added that the visit bore fruit with the signing of 21 private sector agreements and three bilateral agreements. In particular, the ambassador mentioned the bilateral labor agreement for caretakers, which took almost a decade to negotiate but is expected to save tens of millions of dollars annually for caretakers and provide protection from unscrupulous recruitment agencies.

Ambassador Imperial continued by noting the security cooperation, Mashav’s Agrostudies program which trains hundreds of students from the Philippines annually in advanced agricultural techniques, and the bustling tourism, including a 33% increase in visits from the Philippines to Israel.

The ambassador concluded his remarks with a toast to the good health and success of the President and Prime Minister of Israel, and to growing ties between Israel and the Philippines.

Religious Affairs Minister Yitzchak Vaknin spoke on behalf of the government of Israel. The minister began by noting the efforts of the President of the Philippines in 1947, Manuel L. Quezon, to save Jews from the Holocaust by providing refuge in the Philippines, as well as the fact that the Philippines was the first country in Asia to support UN Resolution 181 leading to the creation of Israel.

The minister also mentioned President Duterte’s visit to Israel, and the increased bilateral cooperation that it stimulated, including in agricultural training, energy, and economic development. Closer to home, the minister referenced the tens of thousands of Filipino workers caring for Israelis, including many Holocaust survivors, with compassion and dignity.



The minister concluded by reiterating congratulations on behalf of the people and government of Israel for the Independence day of the Philippines and offered blessings for peace, stability, growing prosperity and success, and flourishing friendship between the two countries.

The guests enjoyed a lavish dinner prepared by the Sheraton chefs, including special dishes from the Philippines, like chicken Adobo and Turon (fried banana roll). Photos and videos taken by Israeli photographers showcased the spectacular and diverse sights of the Philippines, and floral arrangements added to the celebratory theme. On their way out each guest received a gift bag of items from the Philippines.

Among the many distinguished guests of the evening were Minister Yitzchak Vaknin; Knesset member Osnat Mark; Meron Reuben, chief of state protocol in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Menashe Bar-On, former Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines; Honorary Consuls Shimon Weinbaum and Carmel Hacohen; the president of the Ambassador’s Club, Ambassador  Yitzhak Eldan; Moran Mano Executive Manager & Moshe Dubi Ganor Senior Superintendent of Mano Maritime LTD; Sheraton general manager Franco Vella; Boaz Waksman, chairman of Ophir Tours Ltd;  Ariela Schmida-Doron from the Jerusalem Gold hotel, and artist Sari Arieli;

The staff of  http://www.diplomacy.co.il/  congratulates the government, people, and embassy of the Philippines on the occasion of the 121st anniversary of its independence. 


Photos Silvia G. Golan ( more pics at  https://www.facebook.com/diplomacy.israel

Steven Aiello









On 28th May, the Embassy of Argentina in Israel commemorated its National Day with a warm and exciting reception.

The ambassador of Argentina, H.E. Mariano  A. Caucino and his wife Barbara held a reception at the ambassador’s residence in Herzliya Pituach commemorating the Day of the Revolution of May 1810 and its 70° anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel.

When arriving at the residency, the staff gave to every guest a cloth pin with the traditional light blue and white colors of the Argentinean flag.

The ambassador and his wife, together with the military attaches, received the guests warmly. Traditional Argentine dance music (Milonga) played in the background. The festive environment was completed with a big flag made by lights showing the colors of Argentina, and with flower vases with the colors of the flag that gave a special frame to the festive day.

Israeli Minister of Social Equality Mrs. Gila Gamliel, the secretary of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Tzachi Braverman and Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg attended as honored guests.

The formal part of the event started with the anthems of Argentina and Israel. The ambassador mentioned that Argentina was celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations with Israel. He congratulated the Argentinean Jewish community in Israel and said that he since arriving in Israel he has gotten to know many of them and to witness their achievements in many areas.

The ambassador recalled that Argentina was not exempt from acts of extremism, mentioning the attacks on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and the AMIA building in 1994 that was blown up by terrorists, killing more than 100 people and leaving hundreds of wounded. He expressed that he advocates for the fight against terror, highlighting the international effort to strengthen the security of “our peoples. "


In a warm ceremony, the ambassador gave Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, a former ex-member of the Knesset and distinguished Israeli economist born in Argentina, a diploma in which he was recognized that night with the award given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina as one of the “Most Influential Argentinians in the World 2019."

A recording of the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, was played next, congratulating Argentineans on the occasion of the Day of Revolution of May

Then the ambassador handed the microphone to Minister Gamliel who said: "It is an honor and a pleasure for me to represent the Government and the people of Israel in the celebration of the 209th Independence Day of Argentina, and 70 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries”. “After the visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu in September 2017, the relationship between our two countries has received new energy and vigor. Since then, we have increased cooperation in many areas, including agriculture, innovation, and cultural relations, to mention just a few.

And while we talk about cooperation, we must mention the participation of Israel this year in the BAPA 40 Conference that took place in Argentina with the purpose of strengthening cooperation in the area of development among the countries of the South”.

She also mentioned that several Argentine mayors and governors visited Israel this year.

and that "The close relationship between our two countries is also due to the great and vibrant Jewish community in Argentina, as well as to the large community of Argentines who live here in Israel".

She also expressed: "It would be negligent not to mention the terrorist attacks against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and the Jewish Community Center in 1994, which claimed the lives of many and caused many more injuries.

Our expectation is that, after many years have elapsed, the investigation of the attacks will finally be completed and those responsible for its planning and execution will be brought to justice for their horrible acts.

To our dismay, Iran, the country unambiguously responsible for the attacks in Argentina in the 1990s continues, to this day, presenting a real and present threat to world peace through its support for terrorist activities throughout the world.  To this end, we urge the Argentine government to include Hizbollah, Iran's representative, on the list of international terrorist organizations”.

The Minister congratulated the cooperation that began this year between the two countries on the issue of financing of terrorism.

She added: "We are also witnessing the worldwide rise of anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews throughout the world, and yes, unfortunately in Argentina as well”.

"We hope that all governments take a firm stand and will use an iron fist to combat this unpleasant phenomenon”

In conclusion, she expressed her gratitude to Ambassador Caucino and to all the staff of the Argentine Embassy in Israel for everything they’ve done, and she said she is sure that they will continue to make, a very important contribution to the deepening and expansion of relations between both countries.

Finally, she requested the Ambassador to convey the best wishes of the government and the people of Israel to the government and the people of Argentina on this, their Independence Day and she made a toast, “I raise my glass to wish Argentina a future of peace, stability, security, and prosperity.

The distinguished guests at the event included Amit Titelman President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel AMLAT, the producers Yair Dori and Freddy Zyskrot, a delegation from the CREA Group of entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector who are visiting in Israel, a delegation of officers and non-commissioned officers who attend training courses in Israel, Representatives of the MADA Latino Maguen David Adom, who will soon travel to Latin America, clerics of Argentine origin, representatives of the KKL, ambassadors, businessmen, and other representatives of the Argentine and South American Community.

Throughout the night guests enjoyed the background music of the main Argentine artists while savoring delicious empanadas, Argentinian wines and of course exquisite alfajores of homemade cornstarch for dessert.

On behalf of the Diplomatic Portal in Israel, www.diplomacy.co.il, of Israelenlinea.com, of my team and of all Argentines living in Israel, we congratulate Ambassador Caucino for the excellent work he has done, we feel proud to be able to count on him, with his wife Barbara and of the excellent team from the embassy.  For many years more... Cheers!

 Youtube    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD177i_XBtE  by Stella Szpira
Photos by Silvia Golan
Mihal Mizrahi is a member of DebateforPeace


The Italian Embassy in Israel celebrated the annual 73rd Festa Della Repubblica with a gala evening at the Ambassador’s residence in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan. The crowd gathered in the lovely expansive garden, around the Mediterranean shrubbery and flowers and the sparkling fountain shooting up from a deep blue pool. Around the garden edges genuine Italian food was generously served with Italian drinks and deserts. All this - with a delightful parade of musicians and singers who performed on the balcony above.
Oded Ben Hur-former Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, Gideon Meir - also Former Israel's Ambassador to Italy, Prime Minister's Office Tzach Braverman Cabinet Secretary, Nitza Raz-Silbiger - Director of the Israel Protocol Department, dignitaries from many embassies, military and church official were in attendance and Holy Land nuns.
His Excellency Ambassador Gianluigi Benedetti spoke about the long-lasting friendship between The Republic of  Italy and the State of  Israel, marking this year the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. His Excellency stated how these two young countries emerged out of the ashes of the Second World War, and with great strides, developed into vibrant democracies. He noted how both countries residing at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea have brought into this world an ancient culture that is adopted by the civilized world to this day. H. E. Benedetti reminded the crowd how the first major Jewish community outside Eretz-Israel settled in Rome thousands of years ago, leaving a positive mark on the glorious local culture. In modern Italy, said the Ambassador, the Jewish community has contributed to the Italian intellectual and cultural life, especially in literature. The Ambassador talked about the dark Holocaust years of the Jewish community in Italy and apologized for the atrocities committed.  He mentioned The Jewish Brigade's contribution to pulling Italy out of that dark era and told the audience about the medals of valor awarded to some survivors who were in attendance this evening. He emphasized the need to combat anti-Semitism and the right of Israel to exist and defend herself. He mentioned the cooperation between the two countries on several levels and field. " In just 7 decades, we have made great strides, embracing democracy, diversity & respect of human rights, while becoming world leaders in many sectors. All of this thanks to our shared values, to our belonging to one of the main cradles of civilization: the Mediterranean basin", said H.E. Benedetti.
Israel's Minister of Communication Ayoob Kara spoke about the cooperation between the two countries in technology, the commerce of over $4 billion,  and tourism (60,000 tourists have arrived in Israel from Italy just since January 2019). Israel is holding a special exhibition at Tel Aviv Port, to mark the 500 years in honor of  Leonardo Da Vinci. Israel strives to cooperate with Italy in combating terror, and in bringing peace to the Middle East.
The food was an excellent sample of Italian cuisine. Pasta panna con funghi (cream and mushrooms) and pasta con Pomodoro represented the pasta family, while pizza Margherita made with original Caputo flour from Il mulino di Napoli was baked in an oven on site, right in the Ambassador's garden. The fritto misto (fried vegetables in batter Italian style) added a delicious touch. Drinks poured generously, Aperol Spritz is the flagship drink. Deserts included Ferrero Raffaello almond coconut candy, granita - flavored crushed ice, the classic Ferraro Rocher delectable  balls,  and at the departure table  -  Italian Tricolor sugared almonds flowers by Confetti Pelino Sulmona (dal 1783)
The Pop Ensemble of the "Giuseppe Verdi" Milan Music Conservatory entertained throughout the evening with Italian and world music. A string trio played variations of classical music, including The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. A vocal female quartet ended the formal part of the evening with the Italian and European national anthems and finally - Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem. 

Diplomacy.co.il congratulates the Embassy of Italy, the Government and the people of Italy on his anniversary and offers best wishes for many years of success, growth, and strong bilateral relations.


Photos Stella Szpira




On Thursday 30th May, the African Union organized a reception for the 56 anniversary of his creation (Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, at a meeting of African leaders)

The event was held at the residence of the ambassador of Nigeria and was hosted by the ambassadors of Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The event started with a red carpet with the ambassadors of the previous countries and their respective flags.

After the opening of the event, the presenter greeted the guests and then played the African Union Anthem and then the Israeli Anthem.


Afterward, the presenter invited the ambassador of Egypt to the podium to give his speech. in his speech, he talked about the women and the younger generation as a crucial key element for the development of Africa and how Africa as a whole can lead to prosperity and improvement.

As the ambassador of Egypt concluded, the ambassador of Zambia came up the stage and gave his speech he pointed that to create a better life for the people of Africa cannot take place without peace and stability.   

After the speeches of both ambassadors, there was a symbolic cut of a cake with the symbol of the African Union. The assistants enjoyed a food stand for every country that was present with their typical food and drinks.

Nigerians dancing groups also performed a series of traditional dances and songs, the assistants danced to it; most of them were wearing their traditional clothing filled with many beautiful colors and figures.


Between the many illustrious guests that attended the event were the Minister of Communications of Israel, Mr. Ayoob Kara, who represented the government of Israel, Roy Roznek Member of the Presidium and the International Committee of the Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Yehuda Meshi Zahav- chairman and founder of   ZAKA-Israel’s rescue and recovery volunteer organization, ambassadors and members of the African Community in Israel

The diplomatic Portal www.diplomacy.co.il and staff congratulate the African Union on their 56 anniversary.


 Mihal Mizrahi and Yonatan F. Andersen are members of DebateforPeace



 Photos Mihal Mizrahi








Europe Day 2019 was a double celebration in Tel Aviv. The Delegation of the European Union to Israel hosted a special reception in the presence of President Reuven Rivlin and Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, which was followed by the ElectroVision festival, as part of the weeklong Eurovision festivities.

Representatives of the European Union member states and other guests enjoyed the private reception hosted by H.E. Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret, Head of the European Union Delegation, and Mrs. Min-Ja Masson at Charles Clore Park, adjacent to the area of the park where the concert was held.

President Rivlin addressed the audience on behalf of Israel, and noted that the Eurovision theme, “Dare to Dream,” could fit both the European Union and Israel. President Rivlin reminded the guests that although Israel and the EU share values and interests, this shouldn’t mean taking EU-Israel relations for granted. He expressed appreciation to Ambassador Giaufret for his role in bolstering cooperation in a range of fields from cyber-security and counter-terrorism to tourism and trade.

The president pointed out that Israelis and their neighbors in the region must learn from the example of the European Union. He described a world in which Israelis and Palestinians shared joint research and academic institutions, and called for taking steps to achieve such a dream in the European Union model. President Rivlin acknowledged that this would not be easy, but he emphasized that “peace isn’t made with paper. Ending conflict requires bringing people together.”




Ambassador Giaufret delighted the crowd by beginning his remarks with in Hebrew. After noting the historical roots of the European Union, the ambassador welcomed his guests, including President Rivlin and Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai. Ambassador Giaufret emphasized that “united we are stronger”. Citing issues such as cybersecurity, climate change, and counter-terrorism, the ambassador stressed that cooperation was in the best interest of all countries, for regional and global peace and stability.


The ambassador also stressed the continued commitment of the EU to Israel’s security, as well as regional peace and stability. Recalling recent attacks on Israel, Ambassador Giaufret expressed the view of the European Union that the two state solution must be advanced as the path to a sustainable and secure future for Israel and its neighbors. In conclusion the ambassador thanked everyone in helping to make Eurovision in Israel a success, and called for greater Israeli-European cooperation going forward.


Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai expressed his delight that the Eurovision competition had come to Israel, and to Tel Aviv, thus bringing tourists from all over Europe to visit Israel. Mayor Huldai pointed out that the European Union was proof that peace is not only made with those we love, but sometimes we must put aside political differences for the sake of building a safer, more successful future together. He wished all of the Eurovision contestants the best of luck, but noted that the real winner was the growing ties between the people of Europe and Israel.



Following the speeches, the anthems of the European Union and Israel were played. Guests were then allowed to continue to a VIP section of the park to hear the ElectroVision performances. ElectroVision featured top contemporary electronic artists from European Member States. The acts were performed on large open-air stages overlooking the beautiful Tel Aviv beach, and included mesmerizing audio-visual LED shows. The performers included:


•       Cid Rim  - Austria

•       Detroit Swindle - Netherlands

•       Few Nolder – Lithuania

•       Hellwana - Czech Republic

•       Karpov Not Kasparov  - Romania

•       Pejzaz - Poland

•       Symphony of Now  - Germany

Diplomacy.co.il congratulates the European Union and its member states upon Europe Day 2019!

Photos by Silvia G. Golan

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