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 Aerospace Industries' announcement:

Joseph Weiss, President and CEO of IAI: "We are proud to work with a strategic and important customer such as the Brazilian Air Force."

 Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) was selected by the Brazilian Air Force to execute a large-scale air refueling project for several Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

 IAI's proposal was chosen over many international companies, the Brazilian Air Force reported on their Website over the weekend.

Joseph Weiss, president and CEO of IAI, said "we are very pleased to have won the bid to provide the Brazilian Air Force with Multi-Mission-Tanker & Transport aircraft capable of performing air-to-air refueling, strategic troop and cargo transport, and aeromedical evacuation. We see the Brazilian Air Force as a very important and strategic customer."

 Mr. Weiss added "several Brazilian industries will also be involved in the program, as subcontractors to IAI."

 In the coming weeks, IAI and the air force will finalize all the contractual details.

 IAI will display its diverse capabilities in the field of air refueling in the upcoming LAAD exhibition to be held on April 09, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 IAI has vast experience and knowledge in performing air refueling projects. Its former customers include the Israel Air Force and the Colombian Air Force.

The Rambam Hospital is on the (Genomic) Map

HAIFA, ISRAEL  – Rambam Hospital has been selected to administer Israel’s newest nationwide competitive grants program for the advancement of clinically relevant scientific research in genomic medicine.

Mrs. Bonnie Beutler has chosen to honor the memory of her husband, distinguished clinician-scientist Prof. Ernest Beutler (1928–2008), by establishing in Israel the Ernest & Bonnie Beutler Research Program of Excellence in Genomic Medicine. Ernest Beutler is considered one of modern hematology’s fathers, and made huge contributions to the understanding of iron deficiency or iron overload, various leukemias, and Gaucher’s disease.

Results showing the same signaling enzymes can trigger two different processes in the cell sound a warning to biomedical researchers

Stroke, heart attacks and numerous other common disorders result in a massive destruction of cells and tissues called necrosis. It’s a violent event: As each cell dies, its membrane ruptures, releasing substances that trigger inflammation, which in turn can cause more cellular necrosis. A new Weizmann Institute study may help develop targeted therapies for controlling the tissue destruction resulting from inflammation and necrosis.

In the future, artificial cells may produce complex protein structures on demand
For years, scientists around the world have dreamed of building a complete, functional, artificial cell. Though this vision is still a distant blur on the horizon, many are making progress on various fronts. Prof. Roy Bar-Ziv and his research team in the Weizmann Institute’s Materials and Interfaces Department recently took a significant step in this direction when they created a two-dimensional, cell-like system on a glass chip. This system, composed of some of the basic biological molecules found in cells – DNA, RNA, proteins – carried out one of the central functions of a living cell: gene expression, the process by which the information stored in the genes is translated into proteins. More than that, it enabled the scientists, led by research student Yael Heprotein yman, to obtain “snapshots” of this process in nanoscale resolution.

US President Barack Obama, today (Thursday, 21 March 2013), US President Barack Obama, visited the Israel Museum, where he visited the Shrine of the Book, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Upon meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the President said, "We had a great evening last night."

Later, at the entrance to the technology exhibit, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Dudu Fisher, who was present, to sing "He who Makes Peace on High" for President Obama. The Prime Minister explained that this is what the Jewish People pray for and that the song symbolizes the deep link between the long history of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.